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Aged care explained

The transition from home to aged care is stressful, complex and requires a cool head to make the decisions that will impact your future.

The great supplement rip-off

Walking into a pharmacy these days is an experience that can leave your head spinning with aisle after aisle of supplements promising the elixir of youth. But can they really do anything other than drain your bank account?

Go with the flow

Traditional Chinese martial arts that exercise both the mind and the body offer unique benefits for older people.


For the record

Your electronic health record isn’t just a new way to store your health information – it could also help to save your life.


Hear this: ACCC warns on hearing aid scams

The ACCC recently reported that the hearing-aid industry is largely self-regulated, which serves as a warning for those seeking impartial advice.

Get healthier bones

Keeping bones healthy as you age is critically important, and not as hard as you might think.

Take the pressure down

High blood pressure affects more than half of Australians over the age of 55. Left unchecked it can be a danger, but fortunately keeping yours under control is a simple task.

Strength to strength

Not just for bodybuilders keen on bulking up their biceps, pumping iron is for anyone hoping to stay strong, flexible and nimble as they age.

Digestive health with Bickford’s

Many people underestimate just how important good digestive health is to our overall wellbeing.

The sunshine cure

With osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and cognitive impairment all linked to vitamin D deficiency, it’s wise to monitor your vitamin D levels during winter.

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