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Old Beach Probus Club

We'll soon be holding an interest meeting for the Old Beach Probus Club and are inviting all interested retirees to come along and learn all about it.

Strolling into the New Year

Devonport City Probus members channel their inner Beatles, attempting an Abbey Road look as they set off on a stroll through Don Reserve.

Tasmania Golf Club Hosts Festive Luncheon

The Tasmania Golf Club hosted a well-attended Christmas lunch for the Ladies Probus Club of Lindisfarne.

Thirty Years of Membership

A highlight of this year’s Christmas Luncheon was the celebration of Graeme’s thirty years of membership at The Probus Club of Burnie.


Celebrating Probus Month

To celebrate Probus Month in October, the Spring Bay Combined Probus Club spent the day visiting two local attractions, the Buckland Church, and the Tasmanian Bush Garden.

Burnie Probus Celebrates 40 years

The Probus Club of Burnie celebrated their 40th anniversary luncheon at Emu Valley Restaurant which was a total success.

Create, Connect, Collaborate

Devonport City Probus Club had a stand at the Expo of Everything at Devonport on Saturday 2 September.


Devonport City Probus Club

The Devonport City Probus Club are looking for new Members! All retirees and semi-retirees in the area are welcome to join.

40 of the best

The Probus Club of Kingston celebrated its 40th anniversary in June 2023 with a lunch at Oyster Cove Inn where 43 members and partners enjoyed very tasty meals.

Quiz Day

A number of Devonport City Probus members attended Quiz Day at Sheffield on 19 July.

This is held yearly by Kentish Probus and although Devonport weren’t among the winners, they had many laughs and made some new friends.


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