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Probus Day

What is it? 

Probus opens the door to new experiences and friendships in retirement. During the pandemic Probus Club members have stayed connected by phone, online and restrictions permitting, in person.

1 October 2020 was the inaugural annual celebration of Probus Day.

This day was all about celebrating Probus, while connecting with retirees and semi retirees and inviting them to find out more about Probus.

Please see below some highlights from Probus Day 2020. 

Probus Day Testimonials Video

Click here to watch the Probus Day testimonials video including support messages from Federal Members and Senators. 

Probus Day Club Celebrations Video 

Click here to watch celebrations that Probus Clubs across Australia and New Zealand organised for Probus Day. 

Probus Day Testimonials Booklet

Click here to read support messages from Federal Members and Senators as well as Probus Member stories. 

Radio Interviews by Probus Representatives

On October 1st and throughout the month of October, Probus Representatives have participated in radio interviews spreading awareness of the Probus organisation. 

Click here to listen to Chairman David Simpson's radio interview. 

Click here to listen to Vice Chairman Judith Maestracci AM's radio interview. 

Click here to listen to PAQ President Rob Neary's radio interview.

Probus Day eCards

Hundreds of Probus Members registered for a Probus Day eCard to be sent to their friends on Probus Day. 

For enquiries, please email: [email protected]

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