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Probus Day

What is Probus Day? 

Last year our community celebrated the inaugural Probus Day on 1 October 2020 – in line with the United Nations Day of Older Persons which is recognised across the world. International days are used to raise awareness and for our Community in Australia and New Zealand, 1 October is now known as Probus Day.

Despite the challenges of 2020, our first Probus Day was a resounding success with many Clubs and members all over Australia and New Zealand holding a wide range of celebrations and events.

This year on 1 October 2021, Probus Day is an opportunity to remind our members and the wider community of the importance of social connections and support. Overcoming the risk of increased loneliness and social isolation at this time has been very challenging. Throughout the pandemic, many of our members stayed active and connected through Probus.

To highlight the importance of staying connected - it is appropriate that this years’ Probus Day theme is centered on the positive social connections that Probus provides. The theme

will call our members into action – asking them to do their friends a favour by helping them to join, stay engaged and connected through their local Probus Club.

We encourage current members to invite their friends in their local community to join the fun and gain an understanding on what Probus has to offer.

Ideas to celebrate Probus Day

Probus Clubs are invited to participate in the celebration of Probus Day 2021. Understanding that Clubs meet at any time of the month, Probus Day will be celebrated either on the first day of October or any other day during October to best suit your program of meetings, events or activities.

There is plenty of time to plan your Club’s special event. In 2020, a number of Clubs contacted their local governments and arranged for the lighting of local landmarks including bridges and town halls in Probus blue and gold. In some cities and towns Probus Flags were flown outside public buildings. Some enthusiastic Club members displayed Probus balloons all over the community. Probus Day 2021 will be bigger and better than 2020.

Clubs may choose to form a working group to coordinate and organise celebrations for Probus Day – some may choose a simple recognition such as all members wearing blue or gold or both, or a more abundant function or activity, themed meeting or lunch outing. You may also join together in a region or cluster for a larger gathering such as a picnic or barbeque.

Submit your Club Video

Every Club is invited to make a short video (around 2 minutes) showcasing your Club – the video can show activities, celebrations and members sharing what Probus means to them. We will make a collage of these videos to publish on Probus Day.

We will make a collage of these videos to publish on Probus Day. For step by step instructions on recording a video click on these links:      APPLE    l    ANDROID


On behalf of PSPL each Representative Member/Director has personally communicated with Federal and State Parliamentarians as well as local governments across Australia & communicated with local politicians, leaders of District and City Councils across New Zealand. We have requested their support to generate greater awareness of Probus Day by using our promotional material in their various communication mediums. To support this communication, Clubs are encouraged to make direct contact with their local government representatives to help promote their Club via government websites, newsletters and social media.

Once you have planned your Probus Day event, if you plan to hold a public event, they will be able to promote that also. There are significant tactical benefits in advancing relationships with your local elected government representatives and public servants, seeking their support and utilization of their communications channels and resources, as well as printing and photocopying. These relationships are mutually rewarding, regardless of their political affiliation, they want to help generate awareness of Probus as they understand the value that Probus brings to local communities. Local politicians may also be able to provide funding to assist with staging a function or a prize for your Probus Day event.

A copy of the material provided to government for their newsletters or websites can be found in the links below:


New Zealand

For Social media please click on the links below:


New Zealand

You can also provide this same material to promote your Club locally through newspapers,
meeting venues and local businesses.

Social Media

Across the country, we are asking members to do their friends a favour by encouraging them to make new friends and enhance their social network by joining a local Probus Club. In the lead up to Probus Day we ask you to share this artwork on your Facebook profile.
Click here to download.

For enquiries, please email: [email protected]

Probus Day 2021 Club Celebrations Video 

Click here to watch the Probus Day video which shares Club pictures and videos as well as a message from Chairman Judith Maestracci AM.

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