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Probus Month

Celebrating Community & Companionship

What is Probus Month? 

Our Community celebrated the inaugural Probus Day on 1 October 2020 – in line with the United Nations Day of Older Persons, which is recognised worldwide. In 2021 and 2022, Australia and New Zealand celebrations of Probus Day grew, with our communities and media recognising the important role Probus serves.

Probus Clubs held a wide range of special events to showcase and rejoice everything their Clubs mean to them. Monthly meetings became a festival of blue and gold, Probus Clubs took to their local parks, stadiums and public spaces for the jubilee. Landmarks across Australia and New Zealand were lit-up in Probus colours of blue and yellow and it has become clear that one day a year is just not enough to celebrate all that Probus does. With that in mind, since 2023 we celebrate Probus Month.

Clubs now have the entire month of October to celebrate what makes their Clubs amazing.

Probus Month gives us an opportunity to celebrate what Probus is all about,  it also creates awareness of Probus within the wider community.

FOr 2024, the Probus Month theme of  "
Celebrating Community and Companionship" resonates with so many members who have found a sense of belonging within the Probus family.

Each year Probus members get more and more creative with their Probus Month celebrations and we encourage all Clubs to start planning their activities early. 

Ways to get involved in Probus Month:

Throughout the month of October, Probus Clubs will be celebrating Probus Month with lunches, picnics, BBQs and themed events. Many Clubs also invite members of the local community to their Probus Month celebrations to see what Probus is all about. Local celebrities, politicians or councillors may even be interested in coming along, feel free to invite some special guests!

With a few more months to go, there is plenty of time to start planning your Club’s special event. Remember that the Management Committee does not have to do all the work, Clubs may choose to form a working group to co-ordinate and organise celebrations for Probus Day, either on their own or within their region or cluster for a larger gathering.

Over the next few weeks and months, PSPL will provide a range of collateral and promotional material to assist Clubs. In the meantime, we encourage your Club to start planning its Probus Month celebration. 


Share, share, share and share some more! Share your plans with your members, friends and family. Share your events with your local community and invited special guests. Share your invitations with local media or community noticeboards (in person and online.) Share any pictures and videos you take with us at PSPL to feature in the Probus Month edition of Active Retirees.

… and register your plans with us below (so we can share them 😊)



Our Probus Month celebrations in 2024 will showcase Amazing Probians. There are so many members in our community that have been recognised for their outstanding contribution or service either at a national or local level. We invite Clubs to share stories about the Amazing Probians in your Club. This could include those members that have been recognised officially or those that have not. If they are amazing to your Club, they are important to us.

Please write to us and share their story. Email: [email protected]


Recognise hard-working Probians

In all Clubs there are individuals behind the scenes who selflessly give up their time to keep the Club thriving.

Probus month is a special opportunity to recognise those members for their contribution to Probus.

This award can be presented at your Clubs’ October meeting or Probus Day event. To download a copy of the certificate click here.








Probus Day 2020 and 2021 Club Celebration Videos

Click here to watch the 2021 Probus Day video which shares Club pictures and videos as well as a message from Chairman Judith Maestracci AM.


Click here to watch the 2020 Probus Day Video which includes messages from members of Parliament as well as our CEO and Board of Directors. 

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