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What is Probus?

Probus is Fun and Friendship in Retirement.

Probus provides retirees with the opportunity to connect socially, which is so important in today’s world.

Membership is open to anyone who is retired or semi-retired, so why not join the tens of thousands of Probus members across Australia and New Zealand and find your local Probus Club today.

Probus Clubs offer a range of activities including trips and outings for members to enjoy, depending on their interests, lifestyle and location. Probus Club members meet monthly, to enjoy the company of like-minded fellow retirees and listen to interesting guest speakers.

Make new friends, learn a new skill, explore new interests and hobbies - there is so much to choose from when you become a member of your local Probus Club.

When you retire those friendships that are developed through working life are often lost. Probus is a great way to develop new friendships, to quote a recent Probus Club member “the day I joined my Probus Club, I instantly had 100 new friends”.

Join 110,000 retirees across Australia and New Zealand today and discover the wonderful world of Probus, look for your local Club here.

As a Probus Club member you have access to exciting benefits:

  • Probus publications including Active Retirees
  • Competitions
  • Probus Member Benefits Scheme
  • Probus National Insurance Program

Plus, there's a dedicated Probus Support Team at your service at Probus South Pacific office.

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