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25th Anniversary celebration

Kallangur Probus Club celebrated 25th Anniversary on the 5th of April 2024.

Festive fun and Irish cheer

A delightful St Patrick's Day celebration was held at the home of Aart and Bev, where 16 members of the Alexandra Headland Mixed Probus Club enjoyed a fantastic time.

Unexpected Detour: From Daisy Hill to Mt Gravatt Lookout

For members of the Springwood Probus Club, the usual Wednesday walk in early December 2023, took an unexpected turn.

Probus Members Arrive in Style to Meeting

Chinchilla Probus Club members enjoy stylish social at Botanic Parklands.

From Pirates to Pastry: Chef Lisa's Unforgettable Probus Demonstration

Sherwood Probus Club meeting, held under the chairmanship of Vice President and Programme Officer Martin, was enlivened by an "on-the-spot" cooking demonstration by guest speaker Chef Lisa.

Archerfield Airport Visit

Intrigued by the past, twelve members from Sherwood Combined Probus Club embarked on a fascinating journey to Archerfield Airport.

Noosa 2010 Christmas event

Members from Noosa 2010 Combined Probus club, visit local bowls club after a game of barefoot bowls.

Bulimba Probus Club

We'll soon be holding an interest meeting for the Bulimba Probus Club and are inviting all interested retirees to come along and learn all about it.

Life memberships awarded to husband and late wife

During the September meeting, The Coolum Beach Combined Probus Club bestowed Life Membership upon Raoul and Dene, celebrating their extraordinary dedication and unwavering service.

Kenmore Millennium Probus Confers Life Membership

Kenmore Millennium Probus Club recently conferred Life Membership on Rita.


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