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Important changes to osteoarthritic pain treatment

As of June 1, Australians who suffer from osteoarthritis should be aware of some important changes in pharmaceutical access to certain paracetamol products.


The COVIDSafe app: 6 of your questions answered

On Sunday, April 26, the Australian Government launched a smartphone app called COVIDSafe, which aims to speed up the process of contacting people exposed to COVID-19.


7 ways to stay healthy on a budget

The Heart Foundation is urging all Australians to remember that heart-healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive.


5 hearty eating tips for home isolation

Isolation is the perfect time to ask yourself: have I been keeping healthy eating habits?

Preventing loneliness in isolation: 4 ways to stay connected

While the coronavirus crisis has forced us to forgo some of our more traditional means of staying connected, we’re fortunate to live in a time when there are more alternatives than ever before.


Stretch it Out

Many members are currently restricted to their home and by adding regular stretching or light training exercise to your daily routine, you will keep your joints and muscles healthy.


8 tips to care for ageing skin

Your skin is an essential organ of protection keeping your body hydrated and free of infection, not to mention being the source of a healthy glow. It works hard each day throughout a lifetime of wear and tear as well as fun in the sun.

Stretch it out

There are a few simple stretches that can help keep us limber as we age. Ferhaan Nana, personal trainer and owner of Hybrid Strength Studio in Melbourne, shares a few tips.


Staying safe on the roads

It can be the case that Senior drivers are more likely to experience serious injuries in crashes, as the body can be more easily injured.



Why talking about your health concerns is critical

It takes more than a good diet, exercise and the occasional check-up to maintain good health.

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