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4 life-threatening summer health risks and how to prevent them

 Australian summers are among the most extreme in the world, and this comes with associated health risks for seniors.


Take steps to prevent falls

Taking precautions to prevent avoidable falls should be a major consideration for us all, and particularly anyone over the age of 50.

A sporting chance

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, now more than ever it is important to maintain good health by staying fit and active. 

Go with the flow

Traditional Chinese martial arts that exercise both the mind and the body offer unique benefits for older people.


6 recipes for eating right

Malnutrition is often underdiagnosed in retirees. Here are six simple steps to a good diet.

5 ways to boost immunity

Due to COVID-19, there has never been a greater focus on the importance of a strong immune system.


The benefits of seasonal eating

There are many benefits to eating seasonally, but when produce is available in the supermarkets year-round it’s easy to forget what foods are actually in season and when.


5 key lessons from the first wave of COVID-19

As Australia continues to battle its second wave of coronavirus, it’s a good time to remember some of the key lessons – both in terms of physical health and mental health – that we learned from the first wave.


Pain Pain Go Away

Arthritis can be debilitating. Here are some tips for keeping joint pain at bay all year round.


Superfood or superfad?

They claim to do everything from reversing the ageing process to speeding up cellular renewal and promoting weight loss. But are superfoods all they claim to be? 


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