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6 steps to surviving the flu

Even if you line up for a flu shot, you might get unlucky. Here is our guide to surviving flu season if you get struck down with a bug.

The eyes have it

Keeping your eyes healthy in your retirement years can help you be independent for longer.

The silent health issue

High blood pressure often doesn’t show itself until it’s too late. Staying on top of your healthy blood pressure levels is the key to avoiding a nasty surprise as we get older.

Managing diabetes

It’s a condition that affects one in five Australians over 65, but with a bit of help it need not be something that stops you being active in retirement.

7 ways to manage arthritis

Sore joints can slow you down, but they don’t have to stop you from being active. We look at the causes and assistance for this common disease.

How group activities can revitalise your brain

If you’ve recently joined a Probus Club or other social group, and gotten together with others for a simple game of Scrabble, a group jigsaw or other puzzle, you may have just taken the first step in increasing your memory and avoiding Alzheimers*.

Game, set, health

Think you’re too old to take up a sport? Think again with this great range of sporting activities targeted at seniors

Stay healthy on holidays

Are you heading overseas? Get the right info and shots for an overseas trip.

Avoid falls, stay active

As we age, falls prevention is a key part of health. We outline how to make sure that you stay healthy and active as you age.

Weighty questions

We’re often told that losing weight is the key to a healthy life, yet for older people, slimming down can bring with it a new set of challenges.


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