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Prevent muscle and strength loss and increase energy in retirement

Retirement doesn’t automatically mean we slow down. We’re choosing to remain active much later in life than in the past, so we need to stay strong and healthy.


More Muscle. More Strength. More Life!

By Jarah Breese BAppSc (Ex&SpS) MSc High Performance Science

Elements For Life Director and Exercise Scientist

Our golf drive might not carry as far, our tennis serve may not be as powerful and it’s becoming harder to keep up with others on the bike. The main contributing factor for this is decreased muscle size and strength.

After middle age, we lose around 8% of our muscle per decade and around 30% of our strength is lost between the ages of 50 and 70.

The good news is we can slow and even reverse this. How do we feel stronger and more energetic?

1. Make sure our bodies are fuelled.

Getting adequate amounts of lean, nutrient-dense proteins such as eggs, steak and a quality protein powder as well as carbohydrates will provide the fuel for your body.

Lack of high-quality proteins directly correlates with muscle and strength loss as we get older. A simple and very effective way to absorb the best quality proteins is to take a high-quality protein drink like Muscle Formula by Elements For Life.

This protein formula is unique because it contains ‘hydrolysed proteins’ that are much easier to digest, ensuring your muscles get all the amino acids (the building blocks of muscle) they need to recover from exercise and stay strong.   

2. We need to move and rest

The less we move, the more sluggish we feel. Regular exercise increases endorphins, boots cardiovascular health, improves sleep and also has many other positive effects on your health.

Sleep is crucial to recovery, strength and energy levels. Make sure you are getting the right amount of quality sleep each night. 

Break your exercise into two categories: cardiovascular and strength.

Cardiovascular: Your cardiovascular exercise can be anything that steadily increases your heart rate for a longer period of time such as walking, cycling, running and swimming.

Strength: Strength exercises using weights will have a substantial impact on how you feel. As an exercise scientist and the founder of Elements For Life, I strongly believe strength training is an absolute must if you want to live a fit and active life.

3. Use high-quality supplements 

We can conveniently help our bodies produce more energy and fatigue slower with high-quality supplements. 

I formulated Boost Strength & Vitality to help you feel stronger and more energetic during your exercise and activities. This supplement contains creatine. Creatine been shown to drastically increase strength and energy overtime.

I believe creatine to be the most effective supplement that retirees can use to feel more energetic and stay strong.

Making small changes to our diet, exercise and supplementation can make a big difference to how much energy we have and how strong we feel. Start by making gradual changes. Supplement with Boost Strength & Vitality and Muscle Formula daily, focus on keeping strong by lifting weights and implement it into your weekly routine. You will rapidly start to feel stronger and have more energy for life.

Your next years can be your best years.

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