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Common kitchen ingredients for a healthy heart

Discover Dr Jason Kaplan’s top tips for a healthy, happy heart.

The cancers that everyone forgot

There are dozens of deadly cancers that kill thousands of Australians including children every year, but few people know about them.


Tango offers Parkinson’s sufferers relief

Research suggests learning the tango may help those with Parkinson’s to gain more control over their balance and movement.

A beginner’s guide to swimming

Swimming is a wonderful way to exercise that’s easy on the joints and muscles. But what if you’ve never swum a lap before or the last time you popped on the flippers was decades ago?


The future of dementia treatment and care

There has never been more research into treatments for dementia. Here we look at some of the exciting new developments and their implications for the future of dementia care.


Five supplements to boost mind and body

From reducing joint pain to strengthening your brain, these five clever pills may have a positive impact on your health.

Better with age

A healthy lifestyle is the key to staying fit, active and vital, so you can make the most of retired life.


Tips for caring for winter skin

Dry, flaky skin and dealing with itchiness and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis are all health issues which many people struggle with at this time of the year. 

Top tips to managing arthritis

As the saying goes, the best treatment is prevention. The same goes for arthritis. So what should you be doing to prevent arthritis and what can you do if you’ve already developed it?

Perfect vision: 4 ways to avoid macular degeneration

Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean your sight has to diminish too. While macular degeneration (MD) is the number one cause of blindness and severe loss of sight in Australia, there are ways of reducing your risk.

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