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Welcome to Greenway Combined Probus


Welcome to our website! Friendship, Fun and Fellowship. Those are the aims of Probus. Our Greenway Combined Club is located in Canberra's beautiful Tuggeranong Valley. We provide the opportunity for retired and semi-retired people to keep their minds active, expand their interests and make new friends. Probus Clubs are non-political and non-sectarian. They are non profit making and do not raise funds for charity, the emphasis is on fellowship and fun.

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The Probus Club of Greenway was formed on 18 th September 2007. and you are invited to participate in the many and varied activities of the Club, and will be assured of a warm welcome.   Membership is open to both men and women.

MEETINGS: The Club meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each Month at the Viking’s Town Centre Club at 10.30 a.m. At the meeting, general business of the Club is addressed until morning tea. This is then followed by a guest speaker. Following the meeting some members choose to stay and enjoy a lunch in the club’s bistro. This is an additional opportunity to socialise with other members and encourage friendships. Meeting schedule...

Our constitution states that members must attend 50% of meetings. However we understand people get sick and take extended holidays. In these situations, it is requested that you advise the Membership Officer of the club of your non attendance.

SPECIAL EVENTS: The Club celebrates its Birthday with a special lunch after our regular monthly meeting in September, and in December we have a Christmas Party-Lunch in lieu of our regular meeting.

MEMBERSHIP FEES: There is a joining fee of $15.00, which pays for name badge, and an annual membership fee of $28.00 which is payable in March each year. (This fee includes a capitation fee to our national body, Probus Centre South Pacific, insurance and copies of the bi-monthly Probus Active Retiree magazine.

MORNING TEA: Morning Tea is provided at our Meetings at the cost of $5.00 p.p. This money is paid directly to the Vikings Club for providing the morning tea, and the venue..

OUTINGS AND ACTIVITIES: Throughout the year, various excursions and outings are organized for members, ranging from lunches, tours of local attractions and on occasions provide the opportunity for longer trips ranging from a couple of days up to a few weeks. You will find a sign on sheet for these events at our meetings. Members are urged to attend as many events as you can. Members are also asked to delete their names from these sheets if they change their mind, saving the inconvenience of someone having to call you.

MONTHLY NEWSLETTER: Our Club produces its own monthly newsletter, which provides members with items of interest, information about meeting dates, speakers, and provides details of the various outings arranged. In addition, the Probus Association circulates a bi-monthly magazine providing information about other Probus Clubs.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: We conduct a “bring and buy table” each month. For a gold coin donation, Items such as books, magazines and DVDs can be purchased. We also encourage members to buy tickets in our lucky door prize. First prize $20. 2 nd prize $10. All monies collected by these activities go directly to benefit our members by subsidising the Birthday and Christmas functions.

We also have a Sunday Dining Group which meets the first Sunday in each month. There is a different Restaurant to go to each month. The members are on a Roster and take turns in choosing and booking a restaurant of their choice.

If you knit or crotchet, you can join thee KnitWits, They meet on the last Saturday of each month and knit squares which are made into blankets. The blankets are then handed on to a charity called Warm the Globe. They also knit Beanies for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

The Club has a Theatre Group that attends various performances at local venues throughout the year. 

NAME BADGES: A name badge is provided to all members. It is requested that you wear the name badge at all meetings and on all outings.

MEDICAL FORM: The Club encourages members to complete a Medical Emergency Form. The form contains details of medication/medical conditions, etc. It is kept private in a sealed envelope and would only be used in a medical emergency situation.