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Welcome to Greenway Combined Probus


A Message From Our President


Dear Friends,


The Committee and I wish all our members, and their families, a healthy and

happy New Year.  

As a club we have a lot to look forward to.  We are organising a fresh set of speakers and other activities for our General Meetings.  Outings and dining events will feature again in our calendar.  And we will be encouraging the formation of new activity groups.

Speaking of General Meetings – there is welcome news below regarding the return of the trading table, the door prize raffle and tea/coffee service.

On the membership front, we did very well to hold our numbers during a difficult year.  We finished with 60, thanks to an influx of new members.  And new members are very important to us, in that they bring new ideas and fresh enthusiasm.  This year we will renew our efforts to grow membership, and our target is 65.

I look forward to seeing you all again in the coming year.




Good News: New Tea & Coffee Arrangements

Since the re-start of our General Meetings at the Town Centre Club, we have all missed the tea and coffee with biscuits service.  As we all know, this was due to the TCC having to work within the constraints of ACT’s COVID-19 regulations, which prohibited the close grouping of people, and their handling of shared equipment.

The good news is that, with effect from our next meeting on 12 January, the service is back, albeit in a different form.  The TCC will set up a manned tea/coffee station at our meeting.  They will serve individual customers during the period 10.30 – 11.15.  To minimise any disturbance, you will be asked to fetch your refreshments one table at a time.  We realise this arrangement is not ideal.  However, while COVID-19 remains an ominous fact of life even for fortunate Australia, and the ACT, it is the reality we must live with – at least for now.

The cost for the service, payable as usual to Lola as we enter the meeting, will rise from $5 to $6.  The TCC has reminded us that their costs have risen, and that COVID-19 regulations now require them to also desanitise our meeting place as they set it up.  This, together with the 45 minute beverage service, costs them two hours of labour.  So we gracefully accept the inevitable, which will apply to all Probus and other clubs utilising the TCC facility.

In this context, we should mention that your Committee has decided to hold our annual membership fee at $28 pa, for a third consecutive year.