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Greenway Probus Club's History


From little things big things grow…. and so it was with the Greenway Club.

Joy Chandler President of the Tuggeranong Ladies Club rang Graeme Quarry Honorary Rotarian and spoke to him about her concerns with their declining numbers. Including herself, there were only 11 members; Cec Hill, Cherry McKenzie, Norma Steele, Jean Dyer, Pat Walker, Joan Harrison, Val Thomson, Eleanor Magers, Eileen Houghton, and Jan Petrie. Graeme suggested that a public meeting be held inviting peoplet to join Probus.

On Tuesday 18th September 2007 a meeting was held in the Town Centre Club in Tuggeranong. David Granger a Rotarian and Graeme Quarry, Honorary Rotarian, presided over the meeting. Also in attendance were Fred Fawke Chairman of the Rotary District Probus Committee, Brian Kildea President of Tuggeranong Rotary Club.

5l people interested in joining Probus attended the meeting, 42 applied for membership. Cherry McKenzie thanked Graeme Quarry who had originally set up the Tuggeranong Ladies Club for always being there to assist them. Brian Gilmore from the Probus Association was significantly involved in assisting the formation of the Club. At this Meeting a Committee was elected. The Tuggeranong Ladies Club amalgamated with the newly formed Greenway Club bringing the membership to 53.

PRESIDENT Joy Chandler,
SECRETARY Joan Harrison,
TREASURER Helen Richards,
WELFARE Louise Samuel,
NEWSLETTER Charlie Samuel.

The first committee meeting was held in the home of Charlie and Louise Samuel on 22nd. September 2007. It was decided that the newly formed Greenway Probus Club would meet on the 3rd. Tuesday of each month at the Tuggeranong Town Centre Club. The inaugural meeting of the Combined Probus Club of Greenway was held on the 15th. October 2007.

We have two Life Members, Joy Chandler and Cec Hill. Joy received her Certificate on 20th. September 2012. Cec Hill received his on June 21st. 2016.

During its first year the Club had many social activities all with the Probus motto in mind, “Friendship, Fellowship and Fun”. There was a Christmas lunch at Hill Station, Melbourne Cup lunch, Family picnic day at the Cotter, a Chinese banquet lunch at the Lanyon Vikings Club, a visit to the theatre to see The Three Tenors and a coach trip to Sydney to see the musical Billy Elliot, to name a few. We celebrated our first birthday with a delicious lunch held at the Chisholm Vikings Club. Every birthday we have had since then has been celebrated with a birthday party with a cake and entertainment with a quiz.

At our meetings we have been entertained by many interesting and informative Guest Speakers such as Mal Booth - Lawrence of Arabia, Linda Apps - Safety in the home, Michael Link RSPCA, John Hunt - The Men and Women of Christmas Island. The Club has always had good participation in the wider Probus activities such as the Friendship Lunch and has joined with other Clubs on outings.

We have a monthly newsletter. This includes the names of the people who having a birthday in that month. Those who do are given a chocolate frog by Joy Chandler and the members sing Happy Birthday dear friend. Also in the newsletter are articles about the Guest Speaker from the previous month, the Cameo Speaker (which is one of our members) and what happened at the KNIT-WITS meeting? In addition there are details of any outings we may have had during the month, quotations, items of trivia and full list of the upcoming outings and Guest Speakers. The Newsletter always has photographs illustrating the text. The photographs are taken by Charlie Samuel who is also the PROBUS Liaison officer. Many of his photographs in relation to outings have featured in the Active Retiree

The Club has a good relationship with the Conder-Lanyon Club. A couple of years ago the Outings Officers from Lanyon and Greenway began working together on outings. Since then we have shared many outings together and made new friends.

The Greenway Club has a Sunday Dining Group. It takes place on the 1 st Sunday in each month. There is a roster and the people on the roster take turns to organise the outing. It is good fun and we have been to a variety of restaurants over the years. We also have a knitting group called the KNIT-WITS, so named because besides the knitting we do, we have fun and talk a lot. The projects we work on are, knitting squares to make up into blankets for Warm the World and knitting bootees, hats and jackets for the premmie babies at the Canberra Hospital.

Since that first year the Club has gone from strength to strength. It is a happy Club. At morning tea the members mix and mingle with each other and new friendships have been formed. Over the years members have come and gone for a variety of reasons, in the main moving house, not driving anymore and moving interstate to be with family etc. Sadly we have had 6 deaths in the Club this year. We can only look at the time they all spent with us and the friendships we had with them; we miss them but we had the honour of calling them our friend.

Joy Chandler 2007 -  2008
Rhoda Parker 2009 – 201l
Colin Petrie 2011 –    2012
Alan Parker 2012 –    2014
Peter Howitt 2014 -    2015
Joan Munro 2015 –    2016
Elizabeth Phillips -     2016
2016 Jane Taylor -     2017
Janice Petrie 2017-    2018
Paul Varsanyi 2019-   2020


Sandra Barker
Clarice Bower
Margaret Brown
Mike Brown
Joy Chandler
Faith Digby
Tilly De Smeth
Jean Dyer
Lola Ensbey
Rex Ensbey
Ern Fisher
Brian Gilmore
Marlene Gilmore
Ed Goldsmith
Jaquie Goldsmith
Helen Harris
Joan Harrison
Cec Hill
Houghton Eileen
Peter Howitt
Anne Johnson
Faye Keating
Cherry Mackenzie
Eleanor Magers
Vi Moore
Karen Nastvogel
Alan Parker
Rhoda Parker
Col Petrie
Jan Petrie
Helen Richards
Louise Samuel
Charlie Samuel
Linda Snedden
Ned Steele
Norma Steele
Don Suine
Shirley Suine
Glenda Sullivan
Anne Temperly
Carl Thompson
Sue Thompson
Val Tomson
Pat Walker
Betty Walters
Ada West
Jean Woods
Rusty Woodward
Toos Zilverschoon