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Messages From Our President


September 12, 2020

Dear Friends,

At last there are signs we can return to our regular routines – albeit carefully, and in line with current COVID-19 restrictions.
Sunday dining has re-commenced, and members also enjoyed a special lunch at the Mawson Club.
Our next target is to re-start our monthly General Meetings. We have been in negotiations with the Town Centre Club. Our usual spot – the third Tuesday of the month – is no longer available for us. So we have secured the second Tuesday. The next General Meeting is set for 13 October, and will continue every month thereafter on the second Tuesday.
Planning is also well advanced for the Christmas Party on 8 December, to be held downstairs at the Town Centre Club.
We are saddened to hear of the passing away of Elaine Pennock, an enthusiastic member of our club. She will be fondly remembered by her friends.
The Committee is aware that our members are at different stages of comfort with the idea of re-engaging due to COVID-19, and we respect those views. Our survey of members revealed a majority of support for getting back together, and we leave it to individual members to participate when they feel ready.
Let’s hope the ACT will continue its COVID-free track record of a couple of months.
Take care and be safe.





July 7th., 2020


Dear Friends,

The COVID-19 situation in the ACT has become something of an “on again off again” situation, while Victoria is experiencing a most unwelcome resurgence.  So,we bide our time somewhat longer regarding meetings. 

In any event, we do not have a venue: Town Centre Vikings has only partially re-opened, and its spaces for meetings are not available.  I have taken the opportunity to raise once again with the club our wish to retain the booking for the third Tuesday of the month, and they have recently re-confirmed with me that the spot remains ours.

With the passage of time our membership is undergoing changes.  In a few short weeks, Joy Chandler is leaving Canberra to take up residence in Coffs Harbour, together with her daughter Toni.

Long-time members will recall that Joy was the first President of Greenway Combined Probus.  She took up that appointment at the establishment of our club in 2007. She had been President of the GreenwayLadies Club, which had been suffering from a chronicdecline in membership. With the help of Rotary Club, the Greenway Combined Probus Club was established, and the Greenway Ladies Club amalgamated with it. 

Her valuable contributions over the years were recognised in her being made a Life Member. So, she will continue to be one of us, and will continue to receive notices and newsletters. Her new email address is [email protected] new postal address will be 69 Adelines Way, Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450.

We could not let her departure happen without a final acknowledgment of Joy’s valuable role in the club. On 12 July, Alan Parker and I visited Joy and Toni at their home andpresented Joy with flowers and a Certificate of Appreciation.  

Joy mentioned that she would love to hear from us, and I’m sure many of you will maintain contact with her.

Take care and be safe.




June 14th.,2020


Dear Friends,  

Our isolated state continues apace. I hope you have all found ways to keep yourselves occupied, and to maintain contact with those important to you.  

A question for our club is: when do we resume meetings? Against the background of some loosening up of restrictions, it was interesting to read the Canberra Times editorial of 29 May. Headed “Coronavirus threat has not gone away”, the editorial goes on to say: “The clear message is that while we may think we have this disease under control thanks to the success of social distancing restrictions the situation is still very fluid. Outbreaks can occur at any place and at any time”. It concludes with the advice: “Stay sensible, stay safe, and stay home for now.”    

As we are all aware, this message is particularly relevant to our senior demographic. Hence, we will continue to lay low for the time being. I sense that our members are supportive of this approach.  

Your Committee continues to meet monthly, thanks to Zoom. Our aim is to make sure we stay abreast of developments, and to ensure we are ready for an eventual return to normal.    

For those not feeling well, or recovering from treatments, we wish you a smooth recovery. Stay safe.  


14 June 2020



April 1st., 2020


Dear Friends,

Firstly, let me congratulate the new Committee, and welcome newbies Peter, Fiona and Gail. A big thanks to Graham for undertaking his Returning Officer role in difficult circumstances. And also thank you to Peter for devising the vehicle for conducting the AGM online.

I know you will all share with me your appreciation to departing members of the previous Committee: Linda, Rhoda, Louise and Charlie. We have done very well through their contributions over a considerable period of time. They deserve their well earned break.

Of course, the break we are now all compelled to take means we need to do some creative thinking.

Your new Committee will look at ways for us to maintain contact with each other. On the one hand, the Committee itself will need to meet in some manner that is not physical. We have commenced looking at software that would allow us to do this online. More about that later.

Meanwhile, Committee members please note that the meeting scheduled for 7 April is cancelled. However, Committee members should continue to set aside 10.30 am on the first Tuesday of the month for our alternative means of meeting. Next scheduled Committee meeting will therefore be 5 May.

As for our whole group, we are looking at ways to maintain contact. One possible solution would be a Probus Greenway Facebook page. In fact, that notion was canvassed by the Working Group report you have all read. This would allow members to post images, text and video, and message individuals or the whole group. And don’t forget we already have our Greenway Probus web page with – thanks to John – updated information.

A reminder that to access the web page you should enter “” (without quotation marks) in your browser. Then don’t forget to save it in your “Favorites”.

And also a reminder to those who have yet to pay their membership fee. The following are options which Glenda has proposed:

  •     A cheque for $28 pp made out to “Combined Probus Club of Greenway”, sent to Glenda at 12 Broad     Place, Kambah ACT 2902.

  •     Drop around to Glenda’s place with the cash.

  •     A bank transfer to this account:

Commonwealth Bank, Tuggeranong
BSB 062-914
Account No. 10634121
Account Name. Combined Probus Club of Greenway
Reference: at this spot enter your surname.

Finally, I hope you are all keeping well in this difficult time. For many, it’s an opportunity to catch up on things they have been unable to attend to. Our garden is certainly getting a lot of attention.

Kind regards,

Paul Varsanyi

President, Greenway Probus


March 17th., 2020


Dear Friends,

Further to the cancellation of our March GM and the AGM, your Committee met today to consider the near term future for our activities.

The GMs for April and May have been cancelled, and the program from June onwards remains to be confirmed. We are looking at the outings and assessing which ones are capable of going ahead.

Because we are not meeting for a while, we need to think about how we get the annual membership fees in. Most of us have been happy to drop an envelope on Glenda at the meetings. And a big thanks to those who have already done just that.

We need the funds to pay our capitation fees to PSPL. The following are options which Glenda has proposed.
1. A cheque for $28 pp made out to “Combined Probus Club of Greenway”, sent to Glenda at 12 Broad Place, Kambah ACT 2902.
2. Drop around to Glenda’s place with the cash.
3. A bank transfer to this account: Commonwealth Bank, Tuggeranong BSB 062-914 Account No. 10634121 Account Name. Combined Probus Club of Greenway Reference: at this spot enter your surname.

And another important matter. The AGM we haven’t had needs to be conducted by some means, and the best option for us is online. The AGM comprises the President’s Report, the Annual Financial Report, and the ballot for the new Committee. We are working up a package to get this material out to you in your inbox. For those without email we are making separate arrangements. We expect to move on this in the next few days. That’s it for now. Please take care.

Kind regards,

Paul Varsanyi

President, Greenway Probus



March 15th., 2020


Dear Friend,

Your Committee has been monitoring the progression of coronavirus.

While there has been just one case confirmed in the ACT to date, nevertheless it is

clear that both our Territory and Federal Governments are preparing for a

worsening of the situation. The Europe and United States experience suggests that

such a deterioration, should it eventuate, could be quite sudden.


Our demographic has been identified as the most at risk in the population. Our

situation as seniors means that even if the risk of contraction is low, the potential

consequences for our group could be more serious than for other segments of the



That leaves a large question mark over our monthly meetings and our program of

outings. We need to consider them in terms of the heightened risk of infection

afforded by group interactions.


We are receiving feedback from members who are concerned about this, and re-

considering the wisdom of their own individual attendance at the forthcoming

General Meeting and Annual General Meeting, scheduled for 17 March.

Your Committee has carefully considered these issues, and has decided to (1) not

proceed with the March GM, and (2) defer the AGM to a date to be determined.

We feel just as disappointed about this development as we know most of you will.

But our duty of care suggests we should err on the side of caution. We hope you

will understand.


The fate of future General Meetings will be determined on a month by month basis

in the light of coronavirus developments in Australia.


At this stage we suggest that participation in outings be up to individuals.

There is one important item of business scheduled for Tuesday which we cannot

leave undone. And that is the selection of your new Committee. This is a

requirement under our Constitution. We propose to conduct the voting process

on-line, and will advise you separately in the next few days. Members without

email will each be contacted separately.


I am pleased to say that we have a full complement of candidates for the new

Committee. We say farewell to Rhoda, Louise and Charlie as Committee

members, and thank them for their exceptional contributions to our club, over

many years.


In these circumstances, we recommend that you access our web page for

information. As outlined in Peter’s latest newsletter, enter

“” (without quotation marks) in your browser. Then don’t

forget to save it in your “Favourites”.


Please take care of yourselves, and let’s look forward to a time when we can once

again get together safely.


Kind regards,


Paul Varsanyi


President, Greenway Probus