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The Greenway Probus Sunday Dining Clu

The Greenway Probus Club has a Sunday Dining Group. It takes place on the 1st. Sunday in each month.

There is a roster, and the people on the roster take turns to organise the outing. It is good fun and we have been to a variety of restaurants over the years.

  • We usually meet on the lst Sunday of each month 12pm for 12.30pm.
  • Every member takes a turn at organising a venue.
  • You are welcome to bring guests: however, you must call the organiser to let him/her know they will be attending. If after saying YES, you find either you or your guests are unable to attend – it is important you let the organiser know in plenty of time for them to contact the restaurant. This is not only common courtesy, many restaurants need final numbers and it saves confusion with seats etc. You may also be liable for any costs incurred.
  • The last and final rule, which is mandatory….. EVERYONE MUST HAVE A GOOD TIME

If you have any ideas for venues, or need more information, please contact one of our Social Co-ordinators. You'll find them listed on the Committee page.