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Scamwatch is an Australian Government website administered by the ACCC. Most of the material on this page, and links to further information are from their website.

We've always been vulnerable to dishonest people trying to take advantage of us. In earlier times, we spoke of 'confidence men'. Today, we tend to use the word 'scam' to cover a whole range of acvtivities. It could be a door-to-door salesman for a non-existant business, to offers to revover your lost Lottery winnings, or steal your very identity.

On this page, we'll list a few of the common scams, both online and offline. We'll provide links to some useful sites where you can go to check something that just doesn't sound right.

Some Useful Links

ACCC's Litle Black Book of Scams

The best way to protect yourself is through awareness and education. The Little Black Book of Scams is recognised internationally as an important tool for consumers and small businesses to learn about scam.

Australian Government ScamWatch Website

Get the low-down on scams, and subscribe to the free ScamWatch Scam Radar email alerts.

Reverse Australia Reverse Phone Lookup

When you can see the number of the Caller, you can check their number here. If it's listed, you'll see the experience of others in the Comments.

NSW Police: Protect Yourself Against Scammers

Great advice in a convenient PDF document you can read, and download to print.

Australian Federal Police Scam Alerts

Stay Safe Online

A Federal Government site, with lots of good advice.

Is It True? Check on Before You Act

The web site was founded in 1994 researching urban legends. It has since grown into the oldest and largest fact-checking site on the Internet.

Probus Website: Scams and the Internet

Learn More about Online Scams

What is Hacking? What is Identity Theft? What are Remote Access Scams, and what on earth is Phishing? The internet is a two-edged sword. Be informed, be entertained, but don't cut yourself.

Learn More about Offline Scams

It could be Telstra on the line about a bill. It could be a painter at your front door offering a great deal. It could be Microsoft on the phone concerned about your computer. Or not, not, not! These are just some of the ruses scammers emply to separate people from their money.

If you know of s resource that could be added here, please contact the Webmaster- details on the Contact page.