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20240401 Guest Speaker Steve Larkins - The Virtual War Memorial


20240304 Guest Speaker Wing Commander John Downing - My time with No 2 SQN in South Vietnam


20240205 Guest Speaker Marianna Boorman SA Dolphins


20231204 Guest Speaker Mike Smith - Four Smiths Two Wars


20231106 GPOC Guest Speaker Don Loffler - Life in 1948. The Dramatic Arrival of the Holden Car


20231002 Guest Speaker Ian Cooper - 'Buffalo Men'


20230904 Guest Speaker Rod Barton - 'The Life of a Spy'


20230703 Guest Speaker Mike Smith - The Development of the Merino Sheep


20230501 Guest Speaker David Kilner - The Life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


20230403 Guest Speaker Michiel Lucieer - Early South Australian Lighthouses 


20230306 Guest Speaker Dr Robert Moles - Miscarriages of Justice in South Australia


20230206 Guest Speaker Neil Andrew MP AO - The Murray-Darling Basin


20221205 Guest Speaker Jonathon Robran - Operation Flinders


20221107 Guest Speaker Jill Elford - Educating Rhodesians


20221003 Guest Speaker Valerie Volk - Oberammergau and the Passion Play


20220905 Guest Speaker David Linn - Books for Losetho


20220801 Guest Speaker Lainie Anderson - The Long Flight Home


20220704 Guest Speaker Kevin Nolan - 1001 Trivia Questions


20220606 Guest Speaker Maree Schaeffer - Why Did I Start Writing Children's Stories

20220502 Guest Speaker Ian Steel - Kick Start for Kids


20220404 Guest Speaker Margot Way - The Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) Health Museum


20220307 Guest Speaker Marlyn Mason - RAA Road Rules Quiz


20220207 GOPC Guest Speaker Max Anderson - Digger - A Story of Gold Prospecting in a Remote WA Township


20211206 Guest Speaker Prof Stephen Lincoln - Climate Change and Nuclear Power


20211101 Guest Speaker John Murray - Creating an historical novel, Adolf Hitler and all that


20211004 Guest Speaker Glenys Kandelaars Cystic Fibrosis


20210906 Rachel Telfer COTA Project Officer Social Connections


20210906 Jeanette Richards COTA Strength for Life


20210705 Guest Speaker Richard Venus - Charles Todd – Government Electrician


20210607 Guest Speaker Sally Grundy - Shore Birds of Mundoo Island Station


20210503 Guest Speaker Haydn McComas 'CFS Operations and Deployments'


20210405 Richard Heathcote - 'Australia's Love Affair With Lawn'


20210301 Dr Brian Wheeler OAM 'RFDS - Then and Now'


20210201 Karyn Kennedy and Viv Wilson “Stroke SA – Supporting people and their carers after stroke” 


20201102 Beryl Schahinger - Genealogy


20201005 Sandy Bayley - If Asylum Walls Could Speak


20200803 Leanne Issacson - Internet Safety for Seniors


20200203 Dr Richard Burns - The Neurology of Leadership


20200203 David Kilsby - Experiences of a Detention Centre Operations Manager


20191202 Ann Barson - Carys Diary of a Young Girl Adelaide 1940 - 1942


20191104 Richard Thomas - The River Murray Commission


20191007 Michael Shanahan - The Contribution to the Development and Advancement of Humanity by Fifteen of the World’s Finest Brains


20190902 Kate Clements - A Flight Against All Odds


20190805 Prof Stephen Lincoln - Climate Change and Energy


20190701 SA Police Officer Malcolm Denton and Ziggy - The Role of Dogs in Policing


20190603 Murray Forbes - The Maughan Thiem Story


20190506 Mark Caldicott, Norwood Garden Centre - Environmentally Responsible Gardening


20190401 Lisa Lawton - The Habits for Maintaining Healthy Bladders and Bowels


20190304 Professor Emeritus Rosemary Ryall - Medical Ethics being introduced by Tom Pearce


20190204 Daw, Nigel - The Development of Aviation in the Adelaide Area Since 1871


20181203 Mr. Richard Heathcote - At Home with the Haywoods (Carrick Hill)


20181105 Mr. Craig Willson - Bremerton Wines


20181010 Dr. Graham Wicks - Hypnosis in Medical Practice


20180903 The Hon Christopher Pyne MP - Defence Industry in SA


20180806 Professor Howard Harris UniSA - Driverless Cars


20180702 Mr Phil Evans Metroplitan Fire Service - Home Fire Safety


20180604 Mr. Chris Hogan - Christian Life Community - Another Service Organisation


20180507 Mr. Glen Shuttleworth - Monarto Zoo Babies


20180402 Dr. Bob Brummit - A Story about Phenylketonuria (PKU)


20180305 Dr. Peter Rielly AM - Brain Trauma due to Automobile Accidents


20180205 Penny Gale - RAA in 2018 Responding to Change


20171204 John Hatch - Humming Birds


20171106 Dr. Tiffany Hughes - Allergies and why they have become more of a problem.


20170501 Creagh O’Connor - South Australian Cricket


20170403 Henry D'Assumpcao - The Conflict Between Aircraft and Submarines Since WW1


20170306 President Bob Goodall thanking Dr. Dean Jaensch - An Independent’s View of the Australian Political System


20151206 Brian Rice - The Life of Brian in Defence Science