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Cash/Cheque Payments at a Meeting

If making cash/cheque payments at a GOPC Meeting, please PRINT your name/s, the amount enclosed and the reason for the payment on the front of an envelope and seal the envelope once the cash/cheque is inserted. It is obviously a good idea to prepare your payment envelope before the meeting but in case you forget, blank envelopes will be available for you to fill out during the meeting.   However please try to bring the correct cash amount.  Cheques may be made out to either cash of the Glen Osmond Probus Club Inc.

Deposit the envelope with the appropriate Officer/Assistant during the Morning Tea Break.  The Officer/Assistant will open the envelopes after the meeting and record your payment accordingly.

A DL sized envelope template may be downloaded from here: GOPC_Envelope_for_Payments.pdf

This is an example of a completed DL sized envelope.

Bank Details for Electronic Payments via EFT

  • Account Name: Glen Osmond Probus Club Inc.
  • BSB: 065125
  • Account Number: 00902086
  • Payee Confirmation: CBA - Burnside Village, Glenside 065125 | 00902086
  • Reference or Description: Please ensure that your name is included in the reference box in order that the Treasurer can identify the source of the payment.
  • Payee Notification Email: [email protected]


Example of Method for Making an EFT Payment to the GOPC

Scenario: A member wishes to make an annual subscription payment to the Glen Osmond Probus Club (GOPC) using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from their personal on-line banking account.

Step 1. Open your normal on-line banking account and select payment options or funds transfer options. (The exact terminology may vary from bank to bank.)

Step 2. Select EFT or Pay Anyone etc. (The exact terminology may vary from bank to bank.)

Step 3. Enter the details for EFT payments to the GOPC as per the Bank Details for Electronic Payments via EFT shown above.

Step 4. Enter the amount to be paid (In this example $40.00 was paid)

Step 5. Enter your name as a minimum in the “Reference” or "Description" field (In this example the member entered “Brian Rice for Annual Subscription”)

Step 6. Enter the GOPC Email address in the “Payee Notification Email” field. ([email protected])

Step 7. Check all of the above.

Step 8. Select “Confirm Payment”.

Step 9. Print or save the payment confirmation for your own records. (Example of a Payment Confirmation Notice follows.)

Step 10. The sending bank will now deposit the nominated amount in the GOPC Bank Account (note it may take up to two days before it is deposited) and will send an email to the GOPC email address.

Step 11. The Web Master will discover the email in the GOPC Account Inbox. (Example of a payment confirmation email in the GOPC Inbox follows.)

Step 12. The Web Master will forward the payment confirmation email to the Treasurer for notification and any required action.