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PSPL Probus Club Handbook

The Probus Club Handbookcontains full duties of a Probus Club Management Committee and its Officers and is available at the Probus South Pacific Limited Web Site at or from the Glen Osmond Probus Club Inc. Secretary via Email; [email protected]


Protocols for Meetings of the Glen Osmond Probus Club

Our 'Protocols for Meetings of the Glen Osmond Probus Club' document records the Protocols for our Meetings held at the Beaumont Bowling Club. It covers the procedures for opening and closing the Beaumont Bowling Club Meeting Hall, the setting up and operation of the Public Address System, the setting up and operation of the Audio Visual Equipment in conjunction with the requirements of the Profile/Hobbies Speaker and the Guest Speaker, the requirements for the Morning Tea Break and the rules imposed by the host organisation for the use of the kitchen facilities including the operation of the Hot Water Urns and the Dishwasher.

The Protocols document is available to download below or from the Club’s Secretary







Standing Resolutions (Constitution)

Our GOPC Standing Resolutions or Constitution document records the resolutions adopted by the GOPC Management Committee and endorsed by the General Membership and the date they were adopted. It is available to download below or from the Club’s Secretary.



Minutes of Meetings

Both General Meetings and Management Committee Meetings are minuted and these records are made available to the General Membership and the Management Committee respectively.



A monthly Newsletter which is distributed to all members, contains a list of the current management committee officers, details of the next general meeting and associated activities such as Guest Speaker, Profile/Hobby Speaker, any forthcoming activities and the names of members rostered to assist with Morning Tea duties.


Nomination Form for Election of Office Bearers



Checklists are available to assist Management Committee Members in their duties.

  • Annual Hand-over of Management Committee responsibilities after the AGM.


  • Picnic in the Park. (Note this checklist file is password protected with the normal general member four character password.)


  • Set-up Instructions for Beaumont Bowling Club Sound System


  • In Case of Emergency (ICE) Registration Form for Meetings, Activities, Outings and Events for members and guests.