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What’s on in December

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Throughout Australia, we run through some of the best Christmas events you can enjoy in December 2020.


What's on in November

Enjoy local and international art and music, watch a highlight of the national sporting calendar and more – across Australia, here's a selection of what's happening in November.


Go virtual for multiple sclerosis

Throughout June, MS Queensland is going virtual for its 30th annual MS Brissie to the Bay.

7 ways to keep busy when you can’t go outside

Aussies have been self-isolating for over a month, and it’s fair to say many of us are feeling a little antsy.


What's on in April and beyond

Visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane, prepare for a virtual fun run and more – across Australia, here’s a selection of what’s happening in April and beyond.

What's on in March

Watch Opera on Sydney Harbour, witness a global cricketing event and more – across Australia, here's a selection of what's happening in March.

Special Event

  • March 28/29 2020
  • SENIORS AND TRAVEL ANNUAL EXPO IS ON AGAIN                         

The Seniors and Travel Expo 2020, March the 28th and 29th 10am to 3pm at Bay Park Stadium Lounge, Mount Maunganui. 

What’s on in February

Spend the night in an art gallery or listen to chamber music in a Perth garden for free – we have all you need for a great day out.

Having a laugh with Senior Moments

The smash-hit Senior Moments inspires a new show, another hilarious comedy revue with comic sketches, songs and senior silliness from a cast old enough to know better.

What’s on this summer

From night markets to racing ferries, there’s plenty to keep you occupied over the summer.

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