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The Ten Tenors tour Australia

There’s nothing quite like the beauty of traditional Christmas carols during this time of the year and the Ten Tenors have just released their new album, Our Christmas Wish, the proceeds of which will go to the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Movie Fundraiser

Movie Fundraiser

Million Dollar Dinner

The Rotary Fundation Million Dollar Dinner.

August: Eat, stay, play

From sampling American barbecue with a twist to enjoying the Australian Chamber Orchestra and admiring talented local artists, here are a few things to keep you entertained this month.   

The Rotary Foundation Art Union

The Rotary Foundation Art Union

Eat, play, stay

Who cares if it’s cold outside? Here’s our monthly round-up of fabulous events to participate in, restaurants to enjoy and films to watch in July and August.

Australian Men's Shed Association 6th National Conference

Australian Men's Shed Association 6th National Conference

Eat, stay, play

Here’s our round-up of fabulous restaurants, events and festivals to attend in June and July around Australia.

Australian Rotary Health Hat Day

Friday 9th October, 2015

Theatre veteran stars in ANZAC story with a twist

From playing one of Australian television’s best-known nuns on Brides of Christ to a dodgy accountant on Prisoner, Sandy Gore has taken on a multitude of fascinating women during her career and has graced the stage and screen for more than 20 years. Now she’s set to perform in Shellshock, a new play about Gallipoli, but with a twist.



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