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Grovedale Marshall Probus Club

Gallery of our “Out and About” activities


The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic last year has changed all of our worlds. And not just in the short term. Few sectors have been hit like the travel industry.

Entire nations were ordered to stay at home, airlines have gone bankrupt, travel companies laid off massive amounts of workers and hotels were turned into hospitals. But now, vaccination rollout is finally and thankfully well underway. It seems as though the world is starting to get back on its feet. Now that things are slowly beginning to return to “normal”, it is time to plan what activities our Probus club may consider for the coming year. 

In amongst all the lockdowns, our club did manage to squeeze in one outing this year. On June 29th a bus was hired for a day trip to the Bendigo Art Gallery which presented “Mary Quant: Fashion Revolutionary”, a retrospective exhibition from London, on the iconic British fashion designer Dame Mary Quant. We were pleased to have the services of club member Lawrence as our bus driver for the day. The trip was most enjoyable including a coffee break on the way and lunch at a nearby restaurant (except for the mandatory mask wearing).


In order to remind ourselves of just how much we have enjoyed the pleasure of outings and travel, members have contributed their photographic journeys of some of the Geelong Marshall Probus Club's trips from previous years. Please enjoy the memories contributed by Merv and Wendy Poyner and Pam Simpson.