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Guest Speakers.

The Baulkham Hills Ladies Probus Club has a guest speaker each month who shares their knowledge and experiences with the members.

September 11th 2019 - Sound Therapy for Ear and Brain Vitality

Rafaele Jourdy who is an author, international keynote speaker and founder of Sound Therapy International will be our guest speaker this month.


August 14th 2019 - The Story of The Changi Quilts

John Lewis presented a most interesting talk  about Sheila Allan and the Changi Quilts. Sheila was 17 years old when she was imprisonedin Changi Prison with her Australian father and Thai step-mother. She spent three and a half years in Changi where she experienced terrible hardship. She managed to keep a secret diary of her experiences during this time and was also involved in the making of the Changi Quilts for the wounded Australian, British and Japanese soldiers in the prison hospital.



October 2019

Anthony McCurdy spoke of the "Ghosts of Everest" He spoke of the live achievemtns of George Mallory who went missing in 1924 while climbing Mt Everest. It took over 75 years before his body was discovered.





December 11th 2019 - Angela Martyn

We were fortunate to hear some very interesting experiences of living in New York and Behrain from of our Outlings Cooridnator, Angela Martyn. We heard of stories of accepting packages and then having to get them up 5 flights of stairs and how she was nearly traded as a potential bride. Angela had us spellbound for the entire session and made us all aware of "afternoon tea with benefits!"