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4 ways your smartphone can simplify your life

Most of us would agree there’s nothing more valuable than time. Time spent with family and friends. Time to relax, play, learn, travel or simply be in the moment. Unfortunately, it’s a commodity you can’t buy no matter how well you save. 


Playing mind games

Keeping your mind active helps you stay alert. We look at the best online games and apps to keep you busy.

Food to your door

From fast food to your weekly grocery shop, there are so many options to have your food delivered to you.


4 biggest barriers to being tech-savvy

These are the hardships seniors face when it comes to mastering new technology – and how to overcome them.

You wear it well

From fitness bands to home safety equipment, we can now slip on tech that can save our lives.


Stay safe out there

We look at the new online and real-world threats and how to combat them; plus some general tips for safety in a world where things are changing fast.

5 podcasts for seniors

What podcasts should you be listening to as a senior Australian? Here are five suggestions to get you started!

5 questions to ask when buying a laptop

Thinking of going more mobile and ditching the desktop? We look at what you need to consider in a laptop computer.

5 steps to getting in shape

Planning a big walking trip, or even an overseas jaunt far from home? Here’s how to make sure you’re in the best shape possible.

Remembering the Postcard

The simple postcard may be edged out by emails and Instagram, but it has been a staple medium of personal communication for the traveller.


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