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A smarter way to cool and heat your home

Thermostats across the country took a beating this summer as temperatures soared.

Unused Gadgets

Unsure about what to do with your old technology products? There are several ways those gadgets can be put to good use.

Great gadgets and apps to get you on the move

Looking to get healthy this summer? These nifty devices will help you along the way.

How can help retirees combat loneliness this festive season

As the festive season approaches, it's a time for giving, reflection, and embracing community spirit. For retirees, this period presents a unique opportunity to engage with a social enterprise that's making a significant impact in our communities –

Detoxing the digital way

With everything moving to digital, switching off is becoming more important. But how do you go about detoxing from your digital devices and how can it help?

Warming to the idea of an electric fireplace

When the season is right, and the environment is right, the crackle of a real-life log fire in a fireplace can be mesmerising. With an electric fireplace, however, the season is always right.


Movie nights at home are getting better

In the last 10 years, a night in front of the TV has become an increasingly legitimate alternative to a (pricier) trip to the cinema.


Some cool things to know about the modern fridge

In one sense, the modern fridge is a lot like previous fridges: It keeps our food and drinks cold.

Modern fridges, however, differ from traditional fridges in a range of ways. They are increasingly intelligent, energy efficient, and adept at storing our groceries at the best temperatures.

Here, we break down some of the major features modern fridges offer that might make life in your kitchen better.


How to stay fit and healthy when it's cold outside

Cold weather doesn't mean you need to put your exercise plans into hibernation. Quite the opposite, in fact. Moving more in winter will help keep your body warm and your spirits high. Here's our round-up of how you can adapt your favourite activities to keep you powering through the cold.

Technology makes lifelong learning affordable and accessible

Historically, education is an experience we have associated with earlier life stages (largely primary school, secondary school, and tertiary education). Not today, however.

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