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Guest Speaker for September Rebecca Turnbull, Curator of the Hawkesbury Museum, History of Floods in the Hawkesbury Rebecca provided an interesting talk and many photographs of flooding in the Hawkesbury area. A survey of people living in the Hawkesbury conducted in 2001, found that 1 in 5 people didn’t realise that they were living on a flood plain. Probably a similar outcome to the warnings given by Governor Macquarie to people settling along the banks of the river in 1817. At this time, he stipulated that no further government assistance would be provided in the event of future floods. Records date from 1799 with 130 recorded floods. Depths measured from the Windsor bridge range from 1.8m (minor), to 6-7m (moderate) and over 12.2m (major). The highest recorded flood was in 1867 at a depth of 19.68m. This had a massive environmental impact on the area causing much damage. It was above the level of the viaduct. Crested waves were noted and later broken furniture and household goods were found in Broken Bay. Richmond, Windsor and Pitt Town were all islands. Between 1945 and 1952, 26 floods and landslides were recorded. The last flood was in 1992. 

November 6th at our next meeting, the Guest speaker is: Nikki Caine, WIRES 

Health and Wellbeing Stroke Week In recognition of stroke week 2 – 8 September, the Stroke Foundation aims to raise awareness of the community to signs of a stroke. The credit card sized card (see below) provides simple information using the FAST mnemonic. Approximately 50,000 people, both young and old, in Australia each year will have a stroke. A fast response will enable immediate care to be provided and the effects of stroke minimized. Steps to follow: Face – look for weakness by asking person to smile Arms - either unable to move one are or may have a weakness Speech -maybe unable to speak or have difficulty with speech, may give strange answers to questions, difficulty finding words Time – urgent call 000 Sometimes strokes can cause immediate unconsciousness in which person is unable to respond. Call 000 immediately and place person in coma position. National Dementia Week 16 – 22 September as well as World Alzheimers Day 21 September The theme this year is “Let’s talk about Dementia” with an aim to prevent discrimination experienced by people living with dementia, their families and carers. The majority of dementia sufferers live in the community. The numbers are expected to rise from 447million today to over 1.1million by 2058. Some communities are developing dementia friendly communities eg Westfield Tuggerah and Shoalhaven have quiet hours to allow a more pleasant shopping experience. The overall aim is for those with dementia to live a high-quality life with meaning, purpose and value. Dementia doesn’t discriminate? Do you?