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Formation of the Springwood District Combined Probus Club Inc.

The Springwood Ladies Probus Club was formed in June 1992. At the AGM in March 2009 the Club was unable to elect an executive. At a later meeting, Peter Carrol, the then president of Probus South Pacific, outlined 3 possible solutions.

1.     The Club could be disbanded and any money it was holding would be donated to a charity.

2.     The Club could unite with the Men’s club (which the Men’s Club subsequently rejected).

3.     The Club could be rebirthed as a combined club in which case any money held by the Ladies Club would be transferred to the Combined Club.


A Public Meeting was called on 17 June 2009 at which 108 persons attended, with 16 apologies received.  At this Public Meeting, held at the Springwood Sports Club and opened by Bev Mallkus, it was decided to rebirth the Ladies Club as a Combined Club to be known as the Springwood District Combined Probus Club Inc. Members of the Ladies Club who wished, automatically became foundation members of the Combined Club as did any persons joining up to and including the first General Meeting on 15th July 2009.

Peter Carrol chaired the Meeting for the election of President of the new combined club.

Ralph Lewin was elected as the inaugural President of the new club.  Ralph then chaired the meeting for the election of other office holders. John Jenkins was elected as Secretary and Gwen Horn as Treasurer.  Having these positions filled then meant the Club was viable.  It was decided that if possible the President of the Club would alternate with a different gender each year and that if possible the Vice President would take over as President the following year.  With the result that the Club would have a male President and a female Vice President or vice versa.  Merilyn Smith was elected as Vice President.  All other positions on the committee were then filled.

The first meeting of the Committee was set down for 9am on 15th July 2009 to be followed by the general meeting at 10am.

The Club has a member acting as the club`s Historian, and keeps the history of the club up to date each year.