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December Outing 2020


End of year,  Christmas Lunch at the Allegro restaurant.

 Our last outing / get together since February was on the 10th December at the Allegro Function Centre, Kenthurst for our annual Christmas lunch. There were 43 members and their guests in attendance, a little lower than in past years. It was nevertheless a great relief to be able at long last to get together in such numbers after the year that we have all been through. Our host, Glen Torta and his staff welcomed us with pre-lunch drinks and hors d’oeuvres which were served on the balcony overlooking the beautiful view of the Australian bushland. The balcony was quite cool despite the high air temperature.

Lunch followed in the dining room which was beautifully decorated with Christmas baubles and bunting. The food served was of a high standard and consisted of traditional Christmas fare-turkey, ham, Christmas pudding, etc and was accompanied by red and white wine.

President Peter, in welcoming those assembled for the celebration reiterated how great it was that we were able to gather in such numbers and participate again in the great opportunities presented for friendship, fellowship and fun by being a member of Probus.

Another great day was had by all and yet another opportunity to get together to further the comradery and conviviality within the club.

Peter Evans

Risk Management: All members are asked to consider their personal capabilities before undertaking any activities with the Club. This includes all housekeeping duties at Meetings, venues or anywhere else requiring physical effort and is extended to include also all organised Club activities such as walks, outings, tours etc. It is each individual member’s responsibility to ensure that they are physically capable of undertaking or being able to participate in any of the Club’s activities.