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 Blogs:             Ken Harris   After meeting with the WPH Sports Club Bistro I propose the following arrangement for our BLOGS lunch:- We will have a BLOGS lunch after our meeting every 2nd month beginning in April. The lunch cost will be $20 each. I have selected 5 meals within $20 price for WPH Sports Club members. As I am a WPH Sports Club member and I will be responsible for the payment of the meals the Bistro will charge us members price for all the meals.

However, I would encourage all of our Probus members to become members of the WPH Sports Club. Before each meeting I will take the orders of the meals chosen from the selected list for those who wish to attend the lunch. At the break after the our guest speaker have concluded his or her talk I will take our meal orders to the Bistro and pay the Bistro. I will advise the Bistro an expected time for our lunch and they will have all of our meals ready at the given time after the conclusion of our meeting.

The meals I have selected are:- (1) Beef Burger; (2) Chicken Schnitzel Burger; (3) Fish & Chips; (4) Pie of the Day and (5) Curry of the Day. Alternate choices could be:- Bangers & Mash; Lamb Shank and Steak Sandwich. However, I would like to limit our choices to five. I trust our Probus members who wish to attend the BLOGS lunch will accept these proposals

. Regards, Ken.

Bowls:             Clive Donohoo  that the first bowls event for the Probus Shield for 2021 will take place in June and a second event was planned for later this year.

Golf:                Uri Semenetz       No competitions at this stage



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