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An afternoon of card games

Members of the Newmarket Probus club enjoyed a lovely afternoon playing cards together enjoying each other’s company.

Boat Cruise on the Kaiapoi Boat

Members of the Roydvale Probus Club enjoyed a lovely cruise on the Kaiapoi Boat. The day was filled with laughter and joy by all who attended. 


Newmarket Probus Club Parnell Gallery Outing

9 members of the Newmarket Probus club visited the Parnell Gallery.

Feeling breathless? Dizzy? Fatigued?

These could be signs of an underlying medical condition such as heart valve disease which affects more than one in eight people aged 75 or older.

Club News: Thames Probus Club’s 30th Anniversary

Representatives from Thames Rotary, Hauraki Plains Probus & the Thames Bonanza Club joined in for the occasion which was an amazing success on the stormiest of days! Rain & strong gusts didn’t distract from the cheerfulness of the celebration.

Club News: Fellowship, Lunches, Outings

Welcome to a great group of Men who partake in all these things and develop friendships along the way. The Probus Club of Dunedin North (M) has one important aim…to enjoy all of these within a strong club environment. Whilst our club does do work in the community, and many individuals within the club work in separate ways in the community, the main focus is to ‘go with the F.L.O.’  and simply enjoy association with others who enjoy the same things.

Club News: Heretaunga Probus

At their recent Annual General Meeting, members of Heretaunga Probus of Silverstream, Upper Hutt, New Zealand, enjoyed a visit from a PSPL delegation comprising PSPL Director Tony Blaber and PSPL Ambassadors, Max Bowyer and Douglas Langford. Their visit coincided with the election of the club’s first woman president, Jan Channer.

Homeward Bound

One of the results of the strange times we have been living through in the past few months has been an increase in home cooking.

Raise a Glass to your Health

Continue to raise that glass (in moderation, of course) if you want to maximize the health benefits of wine. Recent studies claim a variety of benefits can be linked to low or moderate alcohol consumption, approximately two drinks or less per day. Here are the top five takeaways.

Greet the spring by getting outside

Greet the spring by getting outside. Even if it’s just a few pots on a deck, a garden provides lots of exercise and the fresh air we need to keep healthy.

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