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What are survey rewards and what can you do with them?

You could get paid for giving your opinion to improve every day products and services. Earn extra cash or gift cards with Toluna Influencers surveys!

The pros and cons of different online payment methods

Money makes the world go round, but the ways we pay are changing. Keep your finger on the pulse of modern money transfer services and solutions with our handy guide to different online payment methods worth considering.

Spot the latest investment and text message scams

We reveal the new cryptocurrency and text message, missed call or voicemail scams you need to watch out for.

4 tips for keeping your savings safe

Having your financial affairs in order means more than simply spending wisely. Take advantage of these practical steps to protect your money in retirement.

Report on the younger generation shows intergenerational solidarity

National Seniors Australia recently released a report that goes some way to dispelling the narrative of intergenerational conflict in many sections of the media.

Changes to the Age Pension have arrived

As of 1 July 2021, the qualifying age for the Age Pension has increased to 66 years and six months.

Online vehicle ad scams on the rise

Websites like Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, Car Sales, etc. are wonderful platforms if you’re looking to purchase a second-hand vehicle, but be aware of car ad scams, which are becoming more and more common.


From work life to van life: 5 financial considerations for life on the road

Thinking of swapping work life for van life? Many retirees do – and with so much incredible country to explore here in Australia, why wouldn’t you?


6 ways to lower your monthly mobile bills

Ever received a monthly mobile phone bill and been shocked at the total cost? There are a few possible reasons for this, and most of them are easy to solve.


Age Pension increase welcome, but there's more to be done

Around 2.6 million Age Pensioners are benefiting from an increase to their fortnightly payments after indexation took effect on March 20.

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