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Watch out for EOFY scams

A list of the latest ways the scammers are trying to trick seniors come tax time.

Save your cash

Claiming a discount whenever you can is one of the best ways to stretch your dollars further. We look at the savings on offer to you in your state.

Keep your health insurance in check

If you’re concerned about rising private health insurance premiums, take the time to review what you

Beware of direct debits

Are things coming out of your accounts that shouldn’t? Have you forgotten what you are paying automatically? It’s time you had a good hard look at your direct debits.

Moving time

Downsizing is often something we plan to do one day. So how do you know when the time is right to take action?

How to recover lost cash

Ever made an electronic transfer only to discover later that you’ve sent your money in the wrong direction?

Oldies but goodies

If vintage cars, fine art, antiques or even comic books have always tickled your fancy, you may love the idea of channelling money into collectibles – but heed a few warnings.

Get on top of your finances

As we get older, it’s important that we don’t keep any financial secrets – from our partners or our children. Follow these simple steps to financial transparency.

Give the gift of a nest egg

Spending a small fortune on Easter eggs for the grandkids again? Why not do something different this year? Ditch the usual chocolate tradition in favour of the kind of egg that could last a lifetime: a nest egg.

Eliminate debt from your life

If personal debt is dragging you down, what are the best ways to get back into the black?

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