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Securing peace of mind: exploring the importance of life insurance for retirees

If you’re about to retire – or are a few years off – planning for retirement is essential to having a comfortable and restful post-work life. We need to figure out our timing, what lifestyle we’re considering and how we’re going to fund our retirement and prepare for future living cost increases. We also have to plan and structure our finances for the future. That also includes thinking about life insurance.


10 free apps that will save you money at the supermarket

The cost of groceries has noticeably risen over the past few years – up as high as 25 per cent in the past year alone.

An annual money day could save you thousands each year

Forget the “to do” list, it’s the “get around to one day” list that really weighs a person down. You know the one. It lists admin task after admin task that you know you should be doing but, for whatever reason, you always decide today is not the day. Too busy, too overwhelmed, too bored.


The best ways to loan your adult kids money

Crazy statistic: the Bank of Mum and Dad (BOMD) is Australia’s ninth biggest mortgage lender. In fact, a whopping 60 per cent of first home buyers rely on their parents to enter the property market. And mortgages aren’t the only loans BOMD are issuing – cars and travel are frequently funded as well.


5 ways to keep up with the rising cost of living

If rising interest rates and the soaring cost of pretty much everything has you worried, it’s time to take action.

Here are five things you can do right now to help you stay ahead financially.


Protecting your money after late-life divorce

Divorce among over-50s, or 'grey divorce', is on the rise in Australia – over a quarter (27 per cent) of divorces are for those who had been married for 20 years or more. In fact, the divorce rate for couples aged 65 and older has been steadily rising, doubling since 1990.

5 exercises you can do to start the New Year financially strong

Have you set some fitness goals to aim for in the New Year?

10 ways to make money through the share economy

Ever found yourself wondering how you managed to accumulate so much stuff in your life? We’re all guilty of it and yet still we never seem to have all that we need…


How to avoid lifestyle creep in your later years

We all want to ‘live the dream’ and if you’ve planned your retirement well, you’re hopefully doing exactly that. But “lifestyle creep” can happen when you increase your discretionary spending in such small ways you don’t even notice you’re spending more. Until you do.

6 things you can do to beat inflation

Inflation has certainly pushed prices up this year, particularly on the big three: housing, fuel and food. The good news is, inflation will eventually normalise as a matter of course. The bad news is, we’ve all got to live through it until it does.

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