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How to take advantage of more discounts and concessions

We all aspire to an active and enjoyable retirement, but are you aware of all the ways to make the most of your precious finances while going about your everyday life?

No matter your circumstances, a number of concessions and discounts are likely to be available. And the good news is you don’t necessarily need to be on the Age Pension or even fully retired to be eligible for financial assistance on travel, rent, rates, medication, dining, entertainment and more. These benefits can amount to considerable savings over the year and may ultimately prove as valuable as income support payments.

Below we’ve provided a snapshot of the various ways you can take advantage of what’s on offer from governments, local councils, utility companies and private businesses.


The Age Pension is the main income support payment for people who have reached their deemed  aged pension age. To qualify you must satisfy Australian residency rules and pass both an income and an assets test. Visit Services Australia for steps to make a claim and find the rate you may be eligible for, as well as an array of associated benefits such as the Pensioner Concession Card or financial information through the Financial Information Service. 

The Pensioner Concession Card can give you cheaper healthcare and medicines, reduced fares on public transport, discounted property rates and utilities, concessions on your driver’s license or registration, and discounted admission to various entertainment and sporting venues.

There is even a free Financial Information Service available for cardholders, which provides confidential education and information to help you make informed decisions about your current and future financial needs. You can also read more information about managing your money in retirement on the moneysmart website.


Alternatively, the Australian Seniors Card is one of the best deals on offer for retirees. It is issued by the various Australian state and territory governments to permanent residents over 60 years of age who are retired or working reduced hours.

Each state has its own guidelines, but the card is generally free, and you may be surprised by what it can do for you. Show your seniors card to get discounts and deals at hundreds of businesses state-wide, from shops, tradies, travel and professional services to health and fitness facilities, cinema tickets, restaurant meals and more. Carry your card or digital wallet with you and don’t be afraid to ask if a seniors’ discount is on offer. 

Some states offer reciprocal benefits so your card can be used when you travel interstate. The Australian Government website will answer your questions about applying for the card in your state or territory. 


Another option, the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC), is provided by the Commonwealth Government through Centrelink. If you have reached Age Pension age but do not receive a government benefit, and you are an Australian resident who meets the income test, you may be eligible for the CSHC which can discount the cost of some prescription medications and provide access to bulk-billed doctors, plus additional concessions from local and state governments like cheaper public transport. Self-funded retirees may not be aware of their CSHC eligibility. Again the Services Australia website will guide you through the application process.

Finally, keep in mind that with COVID-19 still a concern, especially going into winter, the COVID-19 Rapid Test Concessional Access Program has now been extended to provide eligible concession card holders with free rapid antigen tests (RATs) from participating community pharmacies until 31 July 2022.