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*Report on April DIY Club Meeting

I just wanted to thank every one of you who participated in our first DIY general meeting last Friday. There were so many wonderful photos of you enjoying your special morning teas and lunches that it felt like we were together while apart and there were also numerous positive comments sent.
Those who were able to Zoom or phone chat had extra fun and I would suggest that you call those grandkids and get them to help you connect if you haven't done so already.
Once I counted all contacts received, there were 40 people who posted or let me know they were part of our meeting and I think that is fantastic! Our lucky door prize was won by the lovely Helen R and I will be arranging a safe visit to deliver that to her sometime this week.
Please remember that our next DIY general meeting will be on Friday 22 May so I hope it is in your diary. There are also lots of virtual activities happening throughout the month so join in in whatever way you can.
Kind regards, Barbara

*Easter Hat Parade 2020 - Results

Twelve entries, around twelve percent of the club, all of a very high standard posed considerable debate and analysis among the judges who have resolved to stay married.

The judges resolved, without approval of the organizing committee, to make a highly commended award. This award was based on the amazing degree of coordination shown in the entries submitted by one couple. The judges were impressed by their apparent ability to work together. And so the highly commended award goes to a couple, Yolanda & Barry.

Runner-up in the Ladies category is awarded to June B with her highly decorated fun hat.

Runner-up in the Gentlemen category is awarded to Peter G with his highly original creation showing that Australian men still have a long way to go.

First Prize in the Gentlemen category is awarded to John Z. John’s creation shows that men needn’t be afraid to step out of the ordinary in their use of colour. The judges thought John’s approach hinted at the glory days of men’s fashion when colour set gentlemen apart.

First Prize in the Ladies category is awarded to Barbara F (and this is the only serious comment) whose total presentation highlighted light and life, the joy of Easter.

We appreciate the opportunity to judge this first Easter Hat Parade.

Judy & Graham


   Barbara F - Ladies 1st                        June B - Ladies R/Up              Peter G - Mens R/up


    A Highly Commended Award went to Barry and Yolanda                               Tom


   Bill F                                                                                         Frances G