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The Movie Group is a mixed group led by Yolanda S and meets on the first Wednesday of each month for a morning movie session, usually at Reading Cinemas, Rouse Hill or Event Cinema Castle Hill.

 All club members are sent an email with the date, time and movie once the weekly schedule is released. Many types of movies are chosen such as action, romance or comedy and for those who want to continue the fellowship, lunch and a discussion of the movie follows. 

IMPORTANT : During Covid -19 pandemic the Movie Group is an "at home" group where the leader selects a movie and members get to watch it at their leisure. Members can comment on the facebook page if they wish.

* 2nd June - Rabbit Proof Fence

Title: Rabbit Proof Fence

Where: On SBS On Demand. Available until Mar 2022

Language: English

What is it About:  An older movie, but very good. It doesn't "preach" but tells the story well.  Based on a true story, three Aboriginal girls escape after being taken from their family as part of the White Australia Policy. They set off on a treacherous journey to find their way home.  Directed by Phillip Noyce and filmed in Outback Australia.

Cast: Everlyn sampi, Tiana Sansburg.


**Movies Already Enjoyed:

* May - Broken Hill

* April - Equity

* March - "Jane Austen Book Club" and "The Dig"

* February 2021 - Rams

* December - Officer and a Gentleman

*October - "Quartet"  starring Billy Connolly and Maggie Smith

* September - The World's Fastest Indian

 * August - Monty Don’s Japanese Gardens

 * July - Charlie and Boots

* May - Fisherman's Friends

* April - Late Night