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Lets Take Photos is a mixed group, led by Bill F.

 The group meets on the 2nd Friday of each month. This interest group is for anyone who likes to wander around some of the stunning Sydney locations, and take photos, whether it is on a DSLR, Phone, Tablet or Point and Shoot Camera, is welcome to come along, as is anyone who likes to walk around wonderful places with people who like to take photos.

The group is NOT a "learn how to take photos" group. The Lets Take Photos group has a closed facebook page and members enjoy posting and sharing the photos taken on these days out.

IMPORTANT : Activities for this Interest Group are restricted in numbers until further notice (Refer to the “Health and Safety Updates” page for further information)


* June Report - Auburn Botanic Gardens

A winter’s day at Auburn Botanic Gardens – the weather was kind to us, beautiful sunshine and a light breeze. When we arrived we were dodging chickens and peacocks that were wandering the road leading into the gardens.

The gardens were in winter mode – not many blossoms but plenty of beautiful coloured leaves on the trees and on the ground. We also checked out the Aviary after we exited the gardens.

Overall a good day out!


* May Report – Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens Mt. Tomah (second try )

Wow! We finally had our photo visit to the Blue Mountains Botanical Gardens at Mount Tomah. The weather was perfect, bright and sunny, beautiful clear and clean blue sky. Coffee and cake at Bilpin on the way up and lunch on the return trip. Always something to photograph any season you visit. Another great day out with the Let’s take photos group.



* March Report - Sackville and Ebenezer

Let’s take Photos visits the Sackville Ferry and the Church at Ebenezer.

Despite an ominous weather forecast for Friday the 12th March, we took a punt and went ahead  with the Let’s take photos outing.

Meeting at Tractor 828 Café for a beverage to start the day – it was well worth the visit.

After refreshments we continued down the road to the Sackville Ferry to capture images of the area. After this we headed down Tizzana Road stopping at an historic cemetery, secondly at the winery and lastly arriving at the historic Church at Ebenezer – a great place to take photos.

While the sky was mostly overcast no rain fell and we all enjoyed exploring the Hawkesbury area.

Cheers Bill


Sackville Ferry                                                           Tizzana Winery

Ebenezer Church


*February Report - Pitt Town Nature Reserve

Let’s take photos visited the bird hide in Pitt Town Nature Reserve on Friday the 12th of Feb. We had an early start at 7:00 am in the morning, a lovely fresh morning and we finished before it got too hot. We were well  covered cloths wise and used insect repellent to keep the mozzies at bay.

The bird hide is quite a nice structure with all the necessary slots to point the cameras out. It was another good  LTP outing!



 *November Report - Rumsey Rose Garden in Parramatta Park

Friday the 13th we chanced our luck ( weatherwise ) and apart from a few drops on the way in we were lucky. The Rumsey Rose Garden is a tribute to Heather and Roy Rumsey and their dedication to the promotion  and development of heritage roses in Australia over 45 years.

They retired in 1992 and offered  to donate two of all the old roses they had grown to Heritage Roses in Australia if a suitable public place could be found for a rose garden. Eventually a home was found in Parramatta Park and the garden was opened in 1995, sadly neither Heather nor Roy lived to see the garden completed.

Our group of six enjoyed a coffee before heading into the garden. I think we were 5 to 6 weeks late for the very best display in the garden but still managed to find some gems to photograph. Another great day out.

Bill F  



* October Report - Mount Banks Ridge

The weather at Mount Banks was cold and windy – the vista was beautiful – 9 brave individuals enjoyed  the scenery and captured some memorable images. It’s a long drive up to Mount Banks and back but well worth the effort - very much an untouched area. Another good photography outing – attached are a few images.

Bill F


* September Report - Nurrangingy Reserve

 Our party of 8 met in the carpark at 10:00am After greetings and a chat we headed off to the Chinese Gardens – a bit more sun and less wet ground then our visit in August. Time was well spent seeking out the best images to capture & chatting. After this we adjourned to the café for a Covid safe coffee and more conversation. Then we walked the loop around the Reserve capturing images of the old tin huts, onto the raised walkway through the marshy area. Beautiful weather, great company, another enjoyable outing. Bill F



* August Report - Let’s take photos visits East Windsor

On Friday the 14th of August the sky was cloudy but fortunately it did not rain. We started  our tour at Governor Philip Park in George St – walking along the river bank to capture an image of the new bridge. Retracing our steps we headed towards the residential section of George St., a mixture of old and newer homes, built on higher ground as the area is flood prone. Turning left into Arndell Street, it dips steeply and then rises steeply to meet Court Street where we view the Windsor Courthouse built in 1822 designed by Francis Greenway – the court house is still in use today – nearly 200 years old.

Turning left, Court Street becomes North Street, here we see the North Street cottages built between 1840 and 1860 providing an excellent streetscape of Windsor in this period. The 2 storey house on the corner was known as the Courthouse Inn – Viewers of “ A Country Practice “ will recognise it as the surgery of Dr Terrance Elliot. Walking down North Street offers a rural panorama of farmland dating from 1794. At the junction with Pitt St we turn right and head towards Tebbutt’s Observatories – Tebbutt became one of the worlds most accomplished amateur astronomers – he was featured on the $100 note in 1984. Retracing our steps we head to the old toll house obscured from view by the bridge over South Creek on Windsor Rd see the image of the sign for more info. Up Windsor Rd towards Thompson Square on the corner is the 1861 School of Arts again with an interesting but grim sign see image. We turn right heading back to the cars passing some lovely old homes. We were fortunate on three occasions that local residents shared their knowledge of their homes and the local area.

A very good day overall Bill F




* July Report

Winter is here, so why not take wintry images. Once again this topic is pursued on an individual basis. We had a good response from our talented team and a few samples are attached for your viewing.  Images by Liz G, Frances G, Peter R and Bill F.

Cheers Bill F



*June Report

Still isolating so we declared June to be Macro Month. This involves using a Macro Lens or Macro setting on a camera to get very close to small items and produce a large image. I concentrated on plant life and one  of the main problems when using macro lenses or settings  is a very shallow DOF ( depth of field ). Here are a few examples.

Cheers Bill F





* 12 June 2020

Let’s take photos – We have been combining our exercise with a bit of photography.  The subject for April and May is Birds ( the feathered variety ) , many images have found their way onto our Probus Facebook page. Thank you to the members who have been able to post images. For the month of June we will need a new subject and also need to take into consideration changes to the Covid-19 Restrictions – more on that later!

Cheers Bill F

Birds at Fagan Park and Kellyville taken by Peter R.

 Flora by Peter R - Fagan Park and Kellyville including another "bird" - The Bird of Paradise


* 08 May 2020

With Covid-19 restrictions - going anywhere without an acceptable reason eg: for food, doctor, chemist and exercise, could be a very expensive exercise. I propose that we individually, on exercise walks, take photos of birds ( feathered varieties ) in our local area. Then share them on the let's take photos facebook page. This could be spaced over the rest of April you never know what you might find!



 * Friday 13th March - the  Macquarie  Towns of Wilberforce and Pitt Town

On Friday the 13th of March we visited Wilberforce and Pitt Town, 2 of the Macquarie Towns. The weather was beautiful and the countryside was looking green and lush. Wilberforce was named after William Wilberforce, English politician, anti-salvery campaigner and one of the founding members of the RSPCA. Highlights of Wilberforce were the Macquarie School 1819- 1820 and St Johns Church 1859. Moving onto Pitt Town although it is just across the river from Wilberforce we had to drive back to Windsor then McGraths Hill to access Pitt town. Pitt Town was named by Macquarie in memory of William Pitt ( 1759-1806 ) the British Prime Minister who was involved in the planning of the colony. A slightly larger community Pitt town has two churches, St James Anglican church constructed 1857-58 and Scots Presbyterian ( now Uniting ) church built and dedicated in 1862. An example of a slab cottage was down Bathurst St. looking very dilapidated. We had lunch at the Lynwood golf course a great way to end our day. There will will no Let's take photos in April as our Friday coincides with Good Friday.  


St James Church, Pitt Town                                        Scots Church, Pitt Town


St Johns Church & Macquarie Schoolhouse                   Old Slab Cottage, Pitt Town


* Friday the 8th of November - Windsor Heritage Highlights

On Friday the 8th of November 2019 we visited Windsor and delighted in viewing and photographing a selection of Windsor's heritage buildings. The day was sunny, quite warm and windy, meeting point was directly opposite St Matthew's Anglican Church in Moses St. We worked our way around the outside of the church and surrounding cemetery, then moved into the church to capture the simple beauty of it's interior – There are many interesting stories about the construction of this church and the people involved.

In McQuade Park we encountered  a  bronze statue of Governor Macquarie, celebrating 200 years of settlement in the Hawkesbury.


Further on was a  band rotundra built by the Onus Brothers in 1915, on the opposite side of the road ( Tebbutt St ) stands St Matthews Catholic Church 1840 – Governor Macquarie had decreed that the convicts had to attend Sunday service at St Matthew's Church so the Irish Catholic convicts were able to follow their religion and obey the decree.


We explored the old Hawkesbury Hospital grounds, viewed  Mrs Cope's Cottage, the former Royal Picture Theatre, by this time we were ready for a break and beverage of our choice. After this we continued onto the former Post Office, Loder House, Macquarie Arms Hotel, Howe House, the Doctor's House and Thompson Square that dates back to 1795 -- this is the only intact 18th century Georgian Square in the country.


Now was the time to head back to the Riverside Shopping Centre for a well earned lunch and chat about the day's events. Afterwards we walked slowly along The Terrace enjoying the view of many lovely homes on our way back to the cars parked on Moses St.

*  Friday 11th October 2019   Outing - Cremorne Point Wharf to Mosman Bay Wharf  

The skies were gray, we threw caution to the wind and went to Circular Quay to catch the F6 Ferry to Cremorne Point. There was a brief shower at the Quay and during the ferry ride fortunately it stopped just after we alighted from the ferry – no rain for the rest of our visit even the odd patch of sunshine. We enjoyed a leisurely stroll towards Mosman Bay snapping images along the way. Lunch time found us at the Mosman Rowers Club during and after the meal we engaged in chatter about many things.

We walked around to the Mosman Barry Ferry wharf, caught the Ferry back to the Quay and railed our way home  - Another good day out!

 Many fine examples of  the buildings erected in the 1800's remain today for all to see. We worked our way through Richmond's Heritage Highlights – Public Buildings, houses, Park and railway station. We had lunch at the Richmond Club located on Francis Street where we all enjoyed the Seniors Special buffet lunch for only $12.80.


Our February 15th “ Let's Take Photos “ 

Our group assembled at Queen's Square in Sydney. The weather was fine and not too hot, a nice breeze was blowing.

Our first stop was St. James Church, the oldest surviving colonial church in Sydney. Governor Macquarie laid the the foundation stone in1819. The church was designed by Francis Greenway and was completed in 1824.

Just  next door was the  Supreme Court building designed by Francis Greenway in 1819, construction was competed in 1828. Greenway was dismissed before the building was completed and it's design was so modified by his successor, Standish Lawrence Harris, that the building hardly resembles his original design.

A short walk away was St. Marys Cathedral, the current Cathedral's foundation was laid in 1868. The Cathedral was dedicated in 1882 – work continued with the Nave and it wasn't until 2000 that the twin spires were built.

The Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park was a little longer walk. The Art Deco  monument was designed by C. Bruce Dellit and was built from 1932 to 1934 by Kell & Rigby. It was opened in 1934.

It was now well and truly lunch time so we headed off to the Castlereagh Boutique Hotel's dining room