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The “Les Soirées” Music Group is a mixed group led by Peter V.

The group will meet every third Monday at 2.00pm when we will practice to perform songs we might remember from our younger days; songs such as Blue Moon of Kentucky, Cotton Fields, Sixteen Tons, and Bee Bop A Lula, etc., and to have occasional soirées of cocktails and canapés to have a hootenanny. We will practice in premises offered to us by group members. These include Retirement Village facilities, Church Halls, private homes and a music shop practice room. Practice venues will be recorded on the sign on sheets on display at every General Meeting. We are looking for people who would like to sing or play instruments for fun, the emphasis being on fun rather than on musical expertise.

* Recess

This group is still in recess. It is just too risky to sing together in groups, so sorry, nothing is happening, nor is anything about to happen until health conditions improve dramatically.

  In view of the content of this message from NSW Health, I do not feel comfortable about risking or planning any singing event until Australia is declared free of the Covid 19 Virus. Les Soirée’s will not function until safety is assur

I have investigated “virtual” get-togethers, but because of lag and voice balance problems, and my own lack of computer expertise, that will not be feasible.

Peter V

* June Report

The Les Soirees Music Group has not been meeting and will not be meeting until health issues have resolved themselves, so certainly until the end of July 2020, there will be no activity. However we will review opportunities at the appropriate time.

Peter V

*April 2020

 Well, we haven't sung a note yet. Not that we have being doing nothing. I did put an enquiry on our Probus Facebook page as to whether or not there were any boffins out there who could help me set up a zoom account to have virtual group practice sessions and one very kind member set up a zoom account and helped me set up one at my end. Unfortunately there was such a lot of lag that everything transmitted in slow motion. There are two possible reasons for this lag-problem. One is that I have the old ADSL system where I live and the other may have been that I was using my mobile phone through my ADSL wifi. However, there is still hope, for I will be attending a Marvellous Men zoom-cast with zoom now installed on my laptop, and I hope to learn more about this technology then. So hold your breath, or should that be don't hold your breath? Maybe I should say, "So keep doing your breathing exercises".
Peter V