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The Probus Club of Port Phillip is a community of retired and semi-retired people from the professions, business and other vocations who share intellectual, social and cultural interests for fun and fellowship.




      "PROBUS" is an abbreviation of the words "PROfessional" and "BUSiness".




      PROBUS is an international movement, initiated by Rotary and developed from two main roots in Great Britain –the "CAMPUS" Club, founded by the Rotary Club of Welwyn Garden City in 1965, and the "PROBUS" Club founded by the Rotary Club of Caterham in 1966.


      Probus Clubs provide regular meeting points for retired and semi-retired professional and business people and former executives of government and other organisations who appreciate and value, in their retirement, increased social contacts and opportunities to meet others in similar circumstances.


     The PROBUS name and emblem are registered under the Australian and New Zealand Trade Marks Acts. They may be used only by Probus Clubs, Probus Associations and other bodies accredited by the Probus Centre - South Pacific Incorporated. They may not be used for any commercial purpose without the written approval of the Probus Centre - South Pacific Inc. To hold accreditation a Probus Club must have been sponsored by a Rotary Club.




      The first Probus Club in Australia was established in 1976 at Hunters Hill, NSW, and was sponsored by the Rotary Club of that city.  Since then, around 2,200 Clubs have been formed in all States.  Once formed, each Club is autonomous and its affairs are managed by an elected Management Committee. 


      A service and information Centre for Probus Clubs in Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific Islands was established in 1981 to assist in the orderly growth of Probus.  It is known as Probus Centre – South Pacific Limited and is located in Parramatta, NSW.  It publishes a quarterly magazine ‘Active Retirees’ and an annual ‘Directory of Probus Clubs’.  It has also issued a ‘Standard Constitution’ as a guide to new Probus Clubs being formed, and certain clauses are mandatory for a Probus Club to hold accreditation.




      In 1983, the Rotary Club of Melbourne took steps to form the Probus Club of Melbourne.  Within two years the membership of this new Club had reached its upper limit.


      As John Morgan had been the very creative and efficient Organising Chairman of this Club, the Rotary Club of Melbourne asked him if he would agree to be the Organising Chairman again to launch the Probus Club of Port Phillip, with Dr Doug Fullarton as its Foundation President. 


      The inaugural meeting of this Club was held on 25th March, 1986


      This Club adopted the Standard Constitution recommended by Probus Centre – South Pacific as its constitution, with some minor amendments.


      It was agreed from the beginning that membership of the Probus Club of Port Phillip would be male, but that the wives of members would be invited to participate in meetings and in all activities of the Club. At the Annual General Meeting on 12th March 2019, it was resolved that women would be invited to become members.


      The Club was incorporated in 1995 under the Victorian Associations Incorporation Act 1981.  This required the abandonment of the original Constitution and the adoption of a Constitution consisting of a Statement of Purposes and Rules along the lines suggested in the "Model Rules for an Incorporated Association" provided by the Victorian Registrar of Incorporated Associations.


      This document was in turn superseded in August 2005 when, following an Australia-wide review of the Standard Constitution as it stood in 2004, the Standard Constitution was revised and Clubs that were Incorporated under the statutory rules of Victoria were issued with a Revised and complying Constitution.  The Probus Club of Port Phillip Inc. adopted this Constitution without amendment and created a further appending document containing Standing Resolutions which sets out administrative resolutions which are specific to the Club and do not conflict with the Constitution or are subject to ratification by Probus Central- South Pacific.


      The Aims and Objects of the Club, as set out in the current Constitution are:


      a.   To advance intellectual and cultural interests among adult persons who have retired or are semi retired from their former occupations.


      b.   To hold regular meetings and arrange activities to provide opportunities for fellowship, the development of acquaintance and social interaction.


      c.   To strive to be seen as a worthwhile organisation by the local community.


      d.   The Club shall be non-political and non–sectarian.  It shall not endorse any candidate for public office and shall not take corporate action at any meeting with the intention of influencing the policies or decisions of governments; however the merits of any public question may be a subject of fair and intelligent study or discussion at a club meeting for the information of members.


      e.   The Club shall not be, or be seen to be, a fund raising body.  The Club by a majority decision of its members may engage in corporate projects for social benefit provided that any such activity shall not involve the raising of funds and provided that individual participation in any such project shall be entirely voluntary.


      Copies of the current Constitution are supplied to each new member upon induction


      Members of the Club generally reside in the greater metropolitan area of Melbourne.  The number of members is limited to a resolved maximum of 150.




      The Club normally meets on the second Tuesday of each Month from 10.00 a.m. at the Kew Golf Club, 120 Belford Road, Kew East.  The usual format for these meetings is to have a business meeting, followed by morning tea or coffee, then a Guest Speaker for the next hour.  Members and their partners, and/or visitors, can then stay on for lunch. 




      Various activities are arranged to take place between the monthly general meetings.  Coffee and Conversation meetings to discuss contemporary matters are on the first Tuesday of each month and visits to places of interest are generally arranged on the third Tuesday of each month.  Other activities such as Theatre Nights and Walks are arranged on a less frequent basis.


      Each year a five or six day Getaway is arranged where the members visit a location away from Melbourne where they can enjoy similar activities and have the opportunity through fellowship to develop acquaintances and friendships


      The financial year ends on 31st December, and the Annual General Meeting takes place in March.  The term of office of the President is limited to one year, but others on the Management Committee may serve for three years at any one task.




      A prospective new member, including a spouse or partner of a member of the Club as at 30 June 2019 or a widow of a former member of the Club and holds Associate Member status, is entitled to apply for membership of the Club.


      The prospective new member wishing to join the Club must complete an "Application for Membership" form, providing some personal details, a brief background and recent interests.  This form is to be signed and dated by the applicant and considered by the Membership Sub-Committee before being forwarded to the Secretary.


      The Application would normally be considered at the first available Management Committee Meeting, and if successful, and a vacancy for a new member exists, an induction date will be decided.


      The Prospective Member will be advised as to the outcome of the considerations of the Management Committee by letter from the Secretary.