AUS: 1300 630 488    NZ: 0800 1477 6287

Persons interested in joining the Probus Club of  Port Phillip are invited to follow the process outlined below.

1. An introduction to the history of the club may be obtained at: Introduction_Port_Phillip_Probus.docx

2. A brochure providing a profile of the club may be sources at: Probus_Brochure_Mal.pdf

3. The Application for Membership Form is available at: Probus_Application_Form_-_New_Member.docx

4. The constitution of the club is available at: Probus_Constitution_August_2013.doc

5. The standing resolutions of the club are available at: Standing_Resolutions.docx

6. Contact a membership officer via our email address [email protected] or telephone 0409967208 or 0408373148 

7. If you are not being sponsored by an existing member submit the completed application form to our email address, [email protected] , and one of our membership officers will contact you to discuss you application.

8. Prospective members whose nomination is sponsored by an existing members should ask that member to submit the application form to the membership officer or the club secretary listed on the membership form.