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Welcome from the president's desk.

Let me begin by thanking the ex-President, Julie Rothery & her entire committee for keeping our club at this high standard. Next I have to thank ALL, for appointing me to be your president, but I can only depend on my whole committee to support me in performing my duties, which I’m sure they will. We are entering a most difficult & challenging period in our nation’s history & I urge everyone to keep calm & look over one another’s shoulders, if someone needs your help. Unfortunately I will not be able to physically meet many of you for a while, but I will try to keep all the members of our club, updated with necessary information through Email or by phone, that affect the functioning of our Club. Keep smiling & look after yourselves. President Ben D’Souza

 With the spread of the coronavirus and the introduction of strict government measures to protect all Australians, an emergency meeting of the Club's Committee was called yesterday afternoon by President Ben at 4.00pm at Club Merrylands. After much discussion, decisions were taken relating to the cancellation of Probus activities over the next couple of months and with regard to the refund of monies paid by Club Members.

Please note the following:

The General Meetings scheduled for 14th April and 12th May have been cancelled. The June meeting is in abeyance until such time as the Government allows Clubs to reopen.

COACH DAY TOUR on Tue 24th March has been cancelled by mutual agreement with the operators and all money will be refunded. Full refunds will be made. Refer Note on page 2.

Extra Outing to Bundeena on 31st March has been cancelled.

Seniors Lunches cancelled until further notice.

Walking Group on 1st April has been cancelled. All walks are on hold until further notice.

Barefoot Bowls on 28th April has been cancelled.

Extended Holiday to Riverina 3 rd – 8 th May has been cancelled by the Tour Operator. Lynda and Arthur have been in consultation with the Tour Operator. Full refunds will be made. The arrangements at the moment are: . Those that paid by EFT will be refunded by EFT. The Tour Operator will be in contact to get Account details.

For the rest - one cheque, payable to Probus Club of Holroyd, will be issued to Lynda. This payment will be verified by Lynda and Arthur and individual cheques will be issued to participating members. .Cheques will be issued immediately they are processed. . This is subject to change but is what is happening at the moment.

Tour of OLD DARLINGHURST GAOL SYDNEY on Tue 26th May has been cancelled by the operator. Full refunds will be made. Refer Note below.

The Birthday Luncheon 23rd June is on hold and a decision will be made at the end of May.

Christmas in July at Avoca on 28th July is on hold. Arthur has the deposits and they do not need to be paid until the end of June. Theatre outing to ‘9 to 5’ has been cancelled, the theatre is currently closed and the payments for the tickets had to be paid before the 20th April. Full refunds will be made. Refer below.

Refund of Monies relating to Outings - Arthur will make these payments available for collection at the next meeting or activity, but should you need this money before hand, please give Arthur a call.

WELFARE Please be aware that our Club is a very important social contact for many of our members, especially those who live alone. Please make a few phone calls and have a chat to each other, (not just your closest friends), so no one suffers loneliness during these coming weeks. I will continue to keep in touch with as many of you as I can whilst our Club is out of operation. Please ring me any time you wish, for Welfare matters or just for a chat. Thank you and take care. Ann Watson – Welfare officer – 9681 2939 M P1 March 2020