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Forster District Combined Probus Club  


Change of Date of Mtg and AGM - from 5th March to 12th March

Please see "Activities Calendar" for more information.



That Clause 3cii, Page 1 of the 2011 Constitution of Forster District Combined Probus Club Inc. be revoked in order that Life Membership no longer be awarded.

Moved:   Max Donellan.     Seconded:  Alan Sheppard.    10 February 2020


20th Anniversary Celebrations : Thursday 5th December 2019 Meeting

All members, particularly Foundation Members, are invited to submit articles and photos for inclusion in a Commemorative Booklet which will be published for this occasion.  Contact:  Norm Bate 6555 9715 or President Sandra Christenson 0427 545 669


August 2019 + October 2019

New Secretary required - please see President Sandra !!

We are pleased to announce Wendy Borchers has taken on the role of Secretary, and Alan Sheppard has taken her previous role as Bulletin Editor.   October 2019.

March 2019

New Committee Elected    

All contact details are for PROBUS use only!

At the Forster District Combined PROBUS AGM on 7th March 2019, the following members were elected to serve for 2019-2020:

President:     Sandra Christenson 0427 545 669     [email protected]

Vice President:   Max Donnellan   02 6555 6979


Treasurer: Jane Hulme    02 6555 6523

Program Officer: Pam Bowen  0412 185 770

Membership Officer:  Margaret Astle 02 5509 9645

Activities Co-ordinator:   John Imber  02 6554 7549 

Bulletin Editor: Wendy Borchers  02 6555 6979  [email protected]

Welfare Officer: Heather Dunlop  0409 399 836  [email protected]

"Smileys" Co-ordinators:   Patricia Fardell  and  Brian Thoroughgood   


THANK YOU to our volunteers who Stand for Office and those who do the myriad other tasks that keep our wonderful PROBUS club vibrant!   



February 2016

As of November 2015, only the current monthly Bulletin will be published on our website.

The Bulletin is emailed to all members who have provided a current email address and printed copies are available at our monthly meeting. Previous editions of the Bulletin will be archived in the Media & Document Library.   A link to the Library is provided on the covering email which is sent to members with the electronic Bulletin.


June 2015

Old Photos Available

All photos and albums that have been stored over the years have now been scanned and archived and are available for download. Over the next 2 meetings, the original photos will be available at the side tables for anyone who would like to take any of them. 


May 2015

Registration Forms

Our Activity Officers do a great job and are always mindful of the welfare of members when attending outings and longer trips. It is necessary for all members and guests who participate in a trip organised by Probus to complete a Registration Form.  This ensures that in the event of an emergency your contact details are readily available if required.  At the moment many of our members have NOT completed this form.  It would be appreciated if all members going on the Broken Hill Trip who have not completed a form please collect one this morning from Jan or John Archer, complete it and hand it in before leaving at the conclusion of today’s meeting.


Policy regarding use of Photos and Other Media

Photos, videos and other media of club activities and which are held, donated or otherwise acquired by the Probus Combined District Probus Club (“the Club’) may be utilised for club purposes, including for display in club meetings, inclusion in the member’s Bulletin, being made available to members of the Club for their private use through the club’s archive facility, and for external publicity.


March 2015

PSPL Insurance

PSPL will continue to offer the current policy which provides coverage for pre-existing conditions which is now known as Probus Travel Insurance Plan A and in response to feedback from Probus club members, PSPL has negotiated a second policy, known as Plan B.

This second policy offers higher levels of coverage in most areas and covers some pre-existing conditions, subject to the terms and conditions of each plan.

advantage of having an option of two policies is to provide a level of cover to meet the needs of those with pre-existing conditions and those who wish to have an alternate level of cover with higher coverage limits in some areas.

a further benefit, members can apply for Probus Travel Insurance up to 270 days (9 months) in advance of their travel date, even if they are travelling after the renewal date of 30 November 2015.

In addition, our Rotary friends will also be able to access either of these two plans in recognition of our long standing relationship and partnership with Rotary.

to either of these policies will be available to all financial members of accredited Probus clubs or Rotary clubs along with one guest.

Please note that this information is available on the Probus South Pacific website.