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Members' Handbook or Directory

The current handbook is a folder with 20 plastic pockets (A4 size) which contains:

  1. General Information about Probus
  2. A Snap Shot of our Club
  3. Our Club's Core Values
  4. Management Committees over the Years
  5. Other Club Responsibilities over the Years
  6. The Current Management Committee and their Roles
  7. Members currently undertaking other Club Responsibilities
  8. Club Activities - Leaders, Schedules and Venues
  9. List of Members with photo and personal details.
  10. Important Club Documents (See later section) - Constitution, Standing Resolutions, Risk Management Policy, Bereavement Policy, Membership Waiting List Policy

Every year members are provided with update pages of any sections that have had changes made during the year.  Every third year there is a major update of the Handbook.   (See current cover)


In a normal year members would receive  set of updated documents for their Members' Handbook at the May General Meeting.   This year those documents will be distributed online sometime in May.

Probus Club Handbook Helpful Guidelines for Club Officers 2021 - 2022