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Special Event

  • March 28/29 2020
  • SENIORS AND TRAVEL ANNUAL EXPO IS ON AGAIN                         

The Seniors and Travel Expo 2020, March the 28th and 29th 10am to 3pm at Bay Park Stadium Lounge, Mount Maunganui. 

The Expo has expanded to many more exhibits offering many more options from Ocean Cruising, River Cruising, travel within New Zealand destinations, in fact, 50 plus destinations to learn about. There will be caravans on show for tripping around, and lots more options to suit all tastes and budgets. Colin explains “The purpose of the Expo is to provide seniors with first-hand opportunities to discuss products and services usually advertised in magazines and newspapers alone”.

The Expo is showcasing a vast range of services and products for seniors in one convenient location and it’s all for free! 

Are you in the market for a new vehicle? there will be an outside display of new car options, near new and imported English caravans and within the venue you will see electric bikes, these vehicles are all available to view and to have a go on or purchase on site or on order. Also, browse through the many and diverse activities, from art to MENZSHED, Rotary and Probus Clubs, where you join, enjoy activities with like-minded people.


This year Ray Woolf entertains us, live at 1pm, both days, singing 60s and 70s hits, including songs by Matt Munro; Walk Away, Born Free, Portray of my Love etc.

An event not to be missed, loads of information and entertainment, and tastings for all.

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