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Top choice in the Top End

An art gallery in Katherine in the Northern Territory is offering a fresh take on the Indigenous cultural experience, teaching bush skills to novices.

Ask the experts

We ask some seasoned travellers about how to travel smarter.

Kangaroo Island’s Top 10

Kangaroo Island is one of the world’s best-kept secrets. With so much on offer – from wildlife and natural beauty to mouth-watering produce and luxury lodges – there’s something for everyone to experience.

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Join the voyage of a lifetime and the most bucket-list-worthy adventure on the high seas!

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Petra: Jordan’s Holy Grail

Described by a famous poet as “a rose-red city half as old as time,” Jordan’s Petra continues to beguile all who visit.

On the road with the “Mild Hogs”

Harley-Davidson’s bad-boy image is legendary, but today’s “Hog” lover is a lot less wild, and Harley tours are a popular pastime.

A Week in the Outback

In early August, a group of 25 from Syndal Combined Probus flew from Melbourne to Brisbane, transferred to the overnight train – ‘Spirit of the Outback’ – and arrived in Longreach 26 hours later. 

Melbourne’s weekend playground

The Mornington Peninsula is full of fresh produce and wonderful walks, and now it has a seniors-friendly base from which you can explore.

Tri-state tango

Driving across three states, the outback can seem a daunting place – but with space comes stark beauty, movie locations and wildlife spotting.

Coastal adventure

In the steamy jungles of Central America, grassroots tourism initiatives bring enrichment to visitors and life to remote communities – so why not take an organic safari on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula?


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