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Visit Melbourne’s newest art gallery

Architect Corbett Lyon wanted to push the boundaries between a private home and a public art gallery, and his Lyon Housemuseum has proven a resounding success.

Relic hunting in the Solomons

The vast South Pacific is now an idyllic holiday destination for people of all ages, but just one generation ago, it was the scene of massive military activity.


The land that time forgot

The journey can be slow and the roads rough, but with its unique wildlife, baobabs and rock formations, the rewards of a drive through Madagascar far outweigh any minor inconveniences.


Summers to Remember

Holidays in the warmer months make for memories that last a lifetime. From a European trip with new pals to a summer swim with a family friend that has endured as a memory, Probians tell their tales of summer travel...

Foodie road trip in East Gippsland

Gippsland takes up a huge slice of south-eastern Victoria and is known for wineries, produce, lakes... and the region’s freakishly large earthworms.

The dinosaurs of Winton

Following in footsteps that are millions of years old, visitors to this outback town can get a glimpse of what life was like for the dinosaurs that once roamed northern Queensland.


An Aegean Odyssey - A Fascinating Greek Experience

When is a cruise not just a holiday - when it is an educational tour as well!


Beach bliss at Villa Beach Palm Cove

Head to Queensland’s north coast for a perfect tropical getaway. Plus: win a free stay with Holidays of Australia

The other great wall

Given the length of the historic Hadrian’s Wall, a line that once divided Scotland and England, it can seem daunting to visit – but you can actually see much of this Roman-era marvel just by catching a bus.


Visit the real Aussie outback

The town of Longreach in Queensland has seen its fair share of hardship recently, but a visit to Australia’s real outback can be a great trip – and help out those in need.

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