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New small group tours out now!

Collette’s Exploration tours provide unique immersive experiences with well-located four-star hotels, very experienced guides and more inclusions. Travel with an average of 16 passengers to exciting destinations across the globe!

Collette’s exciting new 2020 small group touring program, Explorations, is out now with 23 tours to choose from. Book early to have the best choice of dates for highly sought-after destinations such as Iceland, Patagonia, Finland and Italy.

Carefully crafted to provide unique immersive experiences, Explorations tours take an average of 16 travellers off the beaten track to truly discover a destination and its culture. The program features seven new tours. One of the highlights is Patagonia: Edge of the World where natural wonders are set to a Latin beat. From Ushuaia to Terra del Fuego this tour takes in pristine fjords, shining glaciers, snow-frosted forests, shimmering waterfalls as well as visits to national parks and a spectacular four-day cruise and hiking.

Another new tour, Machu Picchu with Galapagos is sure to attract the attention of nature lovers. From discovering the rich heritage of the Andes, vibrant Lima and the fascinating legends of the Incas in the heart of the mountains, the tour also includes a cruise through the magical Galapagos Islands. Brimming with endemic and exotic wildlife, the Galapagos is a treasure trove of graceful sea birds, playful sea lions, lava lizards, magnificent green turtles, reef sharks and many other species.

The USA is there as well with Roaming Coastal Maine, providing an in-depth look at the charms of coastal New England. Lobster specialities, fine local wines, rugged landscapes and endearing towns and cities make this an excellent itinerary for any explorer.

Other tours visit the Baltics, the stunning Azores islands in Portugal, Egypt and Jordan, Southern France, or the northern lights in Finland. All tours include accommodation in well-located four-star hotels, very experienced Collette guides, more inclusions and unique experiences, on-tour options, choice of meals and much more.  With flexibility top of mind, you can extend to incorporate additional nights, back-to-back options and more.

With over 100 years of experience in guided touring, Collette’s small group Explorations tours have something for everyone who enjoys being part of a small group. For more information call 1300 792 195 or visit