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Special offer for all Probians

5% Discount on the costs of Accommodation and the Daily Care Fee in a Bupa aged care home.

Sports With Friends

With the warmer weather by our sides, why not have fun playing sports with your friends? 

Poem: Probus Day

The following poem was written by Jean Watson of Hastings Point Probus Club.

Ideas on being creative

In issue 25 of Staying Connected, we look at the Probus Photographic Competition and provide some ideas on being a "Creative Probian". 

Poem: Locked Down Mode

The following poem was written by Bill, an ex-President of Robina Parks Probus Club, and submitted by another ex-President, Martin Ashton.

Book Review: Last Day in the Dynamite Factory

Peter Blythe of the Probus Club of Bacchus Marsh reviews Last Day in the Dynamite Factory by Anna Faulkner, published by Picador Australia in 2015.

Book Review: The Colours of All the Cattle

Christin Callinan of the Probus Club of Mount Beauty reviews The Colours of All the Cattle by Alexander McCall Smith.

Story: Molly and her Pet Green Tree Frog

Maree Schaefer of Colonel Light Gardens Ladies Probus Club turned her hand to children's storywriting during lockdown, and has submitted one of her wonderful creations to Active Retirees.

Gardening in big and small spaces

With plenty of space-saving options on the market, everyone can enjoy a beautiful – and blossoming – garden. Our guide to compact gardening is sure to bring out your green thumb. 


5 colourful winter blooms

Winter doesn’t have to be dreary. Plant these beautiful flowers in your garden to add a splash of colour that will survive the colder months and brighten up your days. 


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