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Retire to your next job

Retirement is something we work towards our entire lives. Yet often, when we leave our job, there’s still much more we want to do. Here are some helpful tips on how you can successfully find a new part-time role.


5 most common mistakes new retirees make

You’re on the verge of retirement or you’ve just jumped in. Either way, there are some financial mistakes you’ll need to be wary of at this point in your life. 


How to cope with a Christmas financial hangover

Christmas is known to be a time of excess and come the new year, it’s not only our waistlines suffering the consequences. If you’ve found yourself guilty of financial overindulgence, here are some ways to help you save money.

How to fund the move to aged care

Whether you’re looking to move into an aged care facility or you’re investigating on behalf of your parents, crunching the numbers can be overwhelming. Why not call in the experts to help you out?


A beginner’s guide to buying a boat

So you’ve decided to finally bite the bullet and buy your very own boat – congratulations. Here, boating experts offer some helpful tips to ensure it’s all smooth sailing. 


6 ways to save money this Christmas

Christmas is a delightful time when we celebrate with family, friends and loved ones. However, Christmas can also be  tough on the purse strings. To ensure that you are not met with an accumulation of debt after the holidays, here are some practical tips on how to save during the festive season.


Put your money where your interests lie

When choosing what to invest your money in, it doesn’t have to be all stocks and property. There are plenty of other enjoyable things to invest your money in that can prove to be a lot of fun.


5 tips for writing a will

As the saying goes, the only inevitable things in life are death and taxes. From choosing the right executor to carry out your wishes after death to considering what to leave for your beneficiaries, here are a few helpful tips from finance experts on how to put your will together. 

The future is sharing

From a houseboat in Amsterdam to a lawnmower or a housekeeper, collaborative consumption is a new movement where instead of buying things, people are now sharing them with each other instead.


The top 5 worst money mistakes seniors make

Not many people enjoy taking care of paperwork and getting their financial house in order, but when retirement takes place and your lifestyle significantly changes, so does your budget. 

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