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Conder Lanyon Probus Club members meet for Brunch

Conder Lanyon Probus Club members meet for Brunch.

Brunching out

A group from the combined Conder/Lanyon Probus Clubs organised a brunch at the 5 Senses Gourmet Bar in Greenway in the ACT. The group was also joined by Greenway Club members.

Australian War Memorial Canberra

Majura Ladies Probus Club visit to the Australian War Memorial Canberra.

Yass, we can

Members of the Probus Club of Gungahlin enjoyed a bus trip to Yass and visited a number of places of interest, including “Cooma Cottage”, which was bought by Australian explorer Hamilton Hume and his wife in 1839 after he ended his travels and became a grazier.

11th Birthday Party

Greenway Probus Club 11th Birthday Party.

Steaming ahead

Gold Creek Probus Club ACT recently toured some of the sights of Goulburn NSW. This photo shows the visitors and the 1866 Hicks Hargreaves Corliss valve engine, installed at Goulburn's Historic Pumping Station and Waterworks Museum on the Wollondilly River.

Club day out to Yass

Probus Club of Gungahlin day out to Yass.

Fun speakers

Greenway Probus had a fun theme for its recent guest speakers: “Something a bit different”.

Mystery outing for Probus members

Mystery outing for Probus members.

Irish eyes are smiling

A crew from Greenway Probus club had lunch at O’Reilly’s Irish pub in August 2018.

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