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Here's some helpful websites for retirees:

Smart Traveller

Are you planning an overseas trip? Then your first port of call should be the Government’s online portal for travel safety advice. Smart Traveller’s advice can err on the side of overcautious but it is still a great way to find out if there is any trouble in the country you are heading to, and get some tips on what you might be facing. As the website says, “Be informed. Be prepared.”

Health Direct

This is a government-owned health website that can give you useful, safe and practical health advice online. The aim of the website is to give all Australians  – no matter whether you are in the city or the country – the tools to stay healthy via simple advice and access to the right health resources in your area. While it’s not a substitute for your doctor, this website can be a helpful tool for staying active.

Money Smart

This website can help you with your money matters with stories like “Show me the money: income sources in retirement” and “How to avoid unexpected drains on your finances”. The advice is not tailored for individuals, but can provide good background information for when you visit your bank or financial adviser.

Be Connected

This is the government’s push to get all seniors online via a helpful portal of advice, networking and learning. There are also community partners who can offer in-person support to help you get online and stay online so you can stay connected even if you have trouble leaving your home – a great starting point for people who may not feel comfortable with the digital world.

The National Public Toilet Map

As we age, finding a public toilet can be increasingly important. Luckily, if you’re planning a trip, there’s now an online resource for planning the perfect loo break. This nationwide map of over 19,000 publicly available toilets across Australia includes the accessibility, opening hours and whether they have showers or baby change facilities.


Seniors Card

With a Seniors Card you can:

  • Get a free coffee from MacDonalds if you spend $3
  • Get 60 cent stamps from Australia Post
  • Get a discount on Wooolworths Wish gift cards
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Probus Member Benefits


Legal Assistance

Refer attachment re a project to help older people obtain free or reduced cost legal assistance:


Financial Abuse

Financial Ombudsman Service published the following document, which may be of interest to members:


The Australian Bankers' Association (ABA) has developed materials to help banks prevent financial abuse and to support customers who may be vulnerable to financial abuse. There are guideline for Banks about Protecting vulnerable customers from abuse and factsheets for consumers about protecting themselves from abuse, Visit: 



Your Pension

Legal Aid NSW has produced a brochure called Your home and the age pension. What you need to know. It looks at the effect of downsizing, selling or giving your home to someone else for less than market value, 'granny flat' arrangements and moving into residential aged care on your pension. You can view it online with following link: