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Book Clubs



 We meet once a month at 10:30am and discuss a ‘chosen’ book from a wide genre of books.


We meet once a month at 2pm and discuss a ‘chosen’ book from a wide genre of books.


Sport & Recreation

Lawn Bowls

We roll up once a month, at 12:30pm, on a Thursday at Denistone Bowling Club. Come and join one of our teams.

Table Tennis

Limber up for a game every Tuesday at 10:30am, finishing around 12 noon at St. Anthony’s Church Hall. Join us for  some fun, have a laugh and maybe improve your fitness.



Get to know some of our regular walkers on a monthly walk-about to some old favourite sites and hidden gems of our  city and suburbs.


Special Interest Groups


Movie Group

Once a month on a Monday, we meet at Macquarie Centre Cinema Box Office to purchase tickets enabling all of us to  sit together. Each member of the group gets the opportunity to pick a movie and we all enjoy lunch afterwards in a café in the  centre.


Music Appreciation

Held every 3 months, we have two sessions, 10am and 2pm and meet at the home of one of our members. We also ‘bring a  small plate’ to share with our morning or afternoon tea/coffee.




Sandra always lets us know when the latest musicals are coming on and then busily organises tickets for us.



We regularly attend the “Good Old Days” concerts & once again, Sandra goes out of her way to ensure we have the best seats available.



 4 times a year, we attend Hunters Hill Town Hall for their latest play.


One day Events & Outings


Mens’ Luncheon

All men are most welcome to this luncheon, once a month, which is held at Denistone Bowling Club at 12noon to have  a ‘natter’ and a bite to eat.


Krazy Whist

Brush up on your card skills, have some fun and a laugh. Several times a year, the games are off and running, commencing  at 1:30pm in the Willandra Room at Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club.


For all you knowledgeable ‘nerds’ this is for you. Well, it’s more a matter of luck then how brainy you are! We get our heads together, several times a year, starting at 1:30pm in the Willandra Room at Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club.


Day trips

We are offered a full day out and about once a month. Our coach picks us up at Ryde Eastwood Leagues  Club and we head off. We might visit a garden, go on a ‘Fish n Chip’ cruise up the Hawkesbury, visit Parliament House  with High Tea, or enjoy a coffee cruise on Sydney Harbour.  There’s always something different to look forward to.

Special Events

Throughout the year we have a few events that are ‘special’. One of these is our Christmas Luncheon.

Overnight Tours


Twice a year, we are offered a trip away. The duration depends on where we go and can vary from 7 – 14 days.

These ‘away’ tours have previously included a trip to New Zealand, a visit to the Mid North Coast, Canberra &  surrounds, Toowoomba  and the most recent trip was the Murray & High Country region, basing ourselves in Yarrawonga. If you’d like to travel to exciting new places among a warm and friendly bunch of people, these trips are just the thing.